CAME Parkare's Anti-Covid Solutions Create a Touch-Free Experience

CAME Parkare have four touch-free solutions: automatic ticket, ticketless, subscribers terminal and touch-free button

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced individuals and companies to rapidly change how we live and the way we work. We have a big challenge in front of us: how to adapt daily activities to the new normal whilst keeping people safe at the same time. At CAME Parkare, we are always designing new solutions to satisfy our customers' needs and make their parking business as simple and profitable as possible.

Because of that, we offer new special anti-COVID solutions, which give end-users a touch-free experience. Because every customer is different, CAME Parkare offers four touch-free solutions:

  • Automatic ticket
  • Ticketless
  • Subscribers terminal
  • Touch-free button

Automatic Ticket

We configure Lince Management and Control Software so that the system automatically issues a ticket every time it detects the presence of a vehicle whose license plate is not in the subscriber list.

In this way, users can collect the ticket without having to touch the terminal. And the payment is made in an automatic in a touch-free way (without contact) thanks to EMV contactless.


We equip the Entry and Exit accesses with the LPR camera system, which recognizes the vehicle's license plate and generates a virtual ticket. Additionally, the Exit Terminal can be provided with an EMV Contactless payment system Pay at Exit Payment (*).

Thanks to the virtual ticket we ensure the comfort and safety of the end-user.

(*) PKE Regular required

Subscribers Terminal

We add a Subscribers Terminal at the beginning of the access lane of the car park, where subscribers identify themselves with any of the available IDs (proximity card, TAG, QR code, etc.) with the possibility of dynamic access.

Rotation vehicles collect the ticket issued automatically (automatic ticket) at the Entry Terminal. And the payment is made at an automatic payment station in a touch-free way (without contact) thanks to EMV contactless.

Touch-Free Button

We replaced the mechanical buttons with touch-free buttons. Drivers only need to bring their hand closer to the touch-free button at the entry terminal and the system automatically issues a ticket.

With this solution, the user experience becomes completely touch-free (without any contact with the parking terminal).

This is a direct solution for PKE, PKM, Elegance V3.5, Elegance V4, and Compact.

About CAME Parkare

CAME ParkareCAME - Parkare is a Company of CAME Group. We are leaders in automation, control, management, and distribution of equipment for car parks (on-street) and parking meters (off-street). We also do the maintenance for all our machines and systems with our Customer Service.

In CAME - Parkare our main asset is the satisfaction of all our customers. As a service company (almost 50%), we constantly aim to deliver quality solutions to our customers.

Our value chain contains concepts like the Feasibility of the Study, the Development & Engineering, the Manufacturing, Installation, and an After Sales Service. Due to this, we can offer tailor-made solutions for our customers.

CAME - Parkare is a new concept, stronger than ever, and operating in 118 countries.


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