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CAME Parkare is a company of the CAME Group. We are leaders in the automation, control, management, and distribution of equipment for off-street car parks and on-street parking meters. We also provide maintenance and customer service for all our machines and systems.

At CAME Parkare our main asset is the satisfaction of all our customers. As a service company (almost 50%), we constantly aim to deliver quality solutions to our customers.

Our value chain contains concepts like the feasibility of study, development and engineering, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service. Due to this, we can offer tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Parkare was created in 2008 following the merger of three major companies with renowned brands in the sector and with more than 20 years of market seniority. In 2014 Parkare became part of the CAME Group. This added to the pre-existing Parkare subsidiaries in the UK, France, Mexico, Chile, and Peru, 19 more subsidiaries, and 480 authorized dealers worldwide from CAME.

CAME Parkare is a new concept, stronger than ever, and operating in 118 countries.

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Headquarters location c/ Física, 1 (Poligono Industrial La Ferreria)
08110 Montcada i Reixac (Barcelona)
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Recent projects


London Gatwick Airport, UK

29 Automatic Pay Stations, 29 Entry Terminals, and 33 Exit Terminals

Gatwick Airport

Working with a major international transport hub in the UK for the first time demonstrated the expertise and commitment of the Barcelona-based, Italian-owned, company.

The Gatwick project included the installation of CAME Parkare’s flagship pay-on-foot system - PKE. Following its release at Intertraffic 2016, it was the largest installation of its kind in the UK.

Aena Airports, Spain

Aena Airports25 Spanish Airports

With 265 million passengers in 2017, Aena is the world’s number one airport operator. Recently, Aena started a renewal of all its Spanish airports with new solutions, products, management, and control integrations. With this renewal, the Spanish airports will become some of the best-equipped airports, boasting modern infrastructures and integrated systems. CAME PARKARE will be part of that solution in 25 Spanish airports, Barcelona Airport being one of them.

Arrixaca Hospital, Spain

7 Automatic Pay Stations, 5 Entry Terminals, and 3 Exit Terminals, Including ANPR

Arrixaca Hospital, Spain with palm tree in foregroundThe Hospital Clínico Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca is the largest public hospital in the Murcia area, serving a population of approximately 550,000.

The car park, which has 2,535 spaces is designed to provide uninterrupted service to Arrixaca Hospital. The car park has become indispensable, for visitors and for more than 1,000 employees who can access the facility as a subscriber using a proximity card. Entries and Exits are provided with LPR System. 

San Isidro Falabella, Peru

3 Automatic Pay Stations, 2 Entry Terminals, and 2 Exit Terminals, Including LPR Guidance System and ANPR

San Isidro Falabella, PeruSaga is one of the oldest and most famous chain stores in Peru with more than 100 stores across the country. Saga Falabella San Isidro, located in the heart of the business center of Lima, is one of the busiest.

Its parking has been renewed with CAME Parkare's high-end line PKE that allows full-time availability, top performance, and reliability. An LPR System was installed at all entries and exits and a vehicle guidance system was implemented across 118 spaces. Cameras work with LPR Guidance System, allowing users to enjoy new features such as Find My Car which displays the location of a user's car on the automatic payment stations and also prints it on the receipt.

Hospital Aurelia, Italy

1 Automatic Pay Station, 2 Entry Terminals, and 2 Exit
Terminals, Including ANPR

Hospital Aurelia, ItalyHospital Aurelia wanted to simplify the parking inside the hospital car park by providing differentiated services for the different car park users.

The double printer entry terminal allows a high autonomy performance of the system (12,000 tickets) and full-time availability.

The integration of the License Plate Recognition System (LPR) with Lince management and control software allows the car park staff to continuously and easily feed the license plate database from ambulances and other authorized vehicles to get in the car park. 

Thanks to the flexibility and customizing possibilities of Lince software the operator was able to create special tariffs and plans for each type of user.

ASUR Airports, Mexico

6 Automatic Pay Stations, 24 Entry Terminals, and 24 Exit

ASUR Airports, MexicoGrupo Aeroportuario del Sureste, known as ASUR, is a Mexican airport operator headquartered in Mexico City. It operates nine airports in the southeastern states of Mexico, including Cancun. It serves approximately 23 million passengers annually.

Impressed by our PKE, high-end line, ASUR entrusted CAME Parkare to design and install the parking solution for Cancún International Airport, its largest and busiest airport. Following the success of Cancún International Airport, Mérida and Villahermosa Airports joined this initiative.

The three airports are now also equipped with the TAG system. This ticketless technology is based on radio-frequency identification (RFID) and allows dynamic access to the car park, making the fluid movement of vehicles possible and allowing the system to perform at the highest level.

Mall El Saler, Spain

9 Automatic Pay Stations, 14 Entry Terminals, and 12 Exit Terminals

El Saler, SpainCAME Parkare has renewed the parking management and control system at El Saler Shopping Center.

After an integral improvement process, El Saler chose CAME Parkare to renew a total of 14 entry terminals, 12 exit terminals, and 9 automatic payment stations from the PKE high-end line. The car park has 2,600 spaces distributed across two floors. The main requirement of this client was to enhance dynamism and vehicle flow in access and to improve customer satisfaction.

With an area of almost 140,000m2, El Saler Shopping Center is one of the largest in Valencia. Also, it is located in an area of great social, cultural, and leisure projection, in front of the City of Arts and Sciences, which makes it unique.

GAP Airports, Mexico

25 Automatic Pay Stations, 36 Entry Terminals, and 34 Exit Terminals

GAP Airports, MexicoGAP (Grupo Aeroportuario Del Pacífico) operates 12 airports in the Pacific region of Mexico. Including the following airports:

- Guadalajara and Tijuana. serving the main metropolitan areas
- Mexicali, Hermosillo, Los Mochis, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, and Morelia, serving medium-sized cities
- La Paz, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, and Manzanillo, serving main tourist destinations

We have enjoyed a long relationship with GAP for many years, by taking care of their needs from our Headquarters in Barcelona and through our subsidiary in Mexico.

By the end of 2016, CAME Parkare started the replacement process of the Elegance line (a previous parking line from CAME Parkare) with the new high-end line PKE in all airports. The process concluded successfully in 2017.

PUC University, Chile

5 Automatic Pay Stations, 11 Entry Terminals, and 12 Exit

PUC University, ChileThe Pontificia Catolica University of Chile (PUC), one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, has renewed its parking equipment at its San Joaquin Campus with CAME PARKARE.

San Joaquin Campus, located in the city of Santiago, has 11 entry terminals, 12 exit terminals, 5 automatic payment stations, and 4 manual payment stations.

PKE line terminals, which use QR technology and have been customized to work with the College Card (TUC), receive approximately 4,500 vehicles per day.

San Joaquin Campus joins the Lira and Marcoleta parking lots of the Pontificia Catolica University of Chile, which already have CAME Parkare equipment.

Punto Valle, Mexico

41 Automatic Pay Stations, 12 Entry Terminals, and 12 Exit Terminals, Including LPR Guidance System

Punto Valle, MexicoIP Projects and Developments Missouri, entrusted CAME Parkare to supply the parking control and management equipment for the Punto Valle project, a large mall located in Monterrey, Mexico.

The project included 12 entry stations, 12 exit stations, and 41 automatic payment stations of the PKE line (with QR technology, license plate readers, and car auditing), as well as 1,440 cameras for the vehicle guidance system, which covers 4,500 spaces over six floors.

The PKE Line equipment uses the latest technologies in parking control, guaranteeing great operation reliability and uninterrupted service. And PKE offers great versatility in the operation modes because the interaction with third parties is easy. Therefore, discounts and other promotions are available, meeting the client’s satisfaction.

El Corte Inglés, Spain

57 Automatic Pay Stations, 22 Entry Terminals, and 23 Exit Terminals

El Corte Ingles, SpainEl Corte Ingles is a Spanish distribution group that is predominantly based in the department stores market. In February 2016 the car park for El Corte Ingles Madrid Xanadu was renovated, as part of a bigger project running throughout the country. Another five car parks in Barcelona, País Vasco, Murcia, and Andalusia have already been renovated during 2014 and 2015. 

Mall Plaza Imperial, Colombia

7 Automatic Pay Stations, 5 Entry Terminals, and 5 Exit Terminals.

Mall Plaza Imperial, ColumbiaThe Plaza Imperial project was installed in December 2016, in collaboration with our distributor APD de Colombia.

Plaza Imperial is a large shopping center located in the town of Suba in Bogota, Colombia. It has almost 300 commercial premises, approximately 1,800 parking spaces, and is visited by more than 4 million people per month.

The chosen solution was our PKE Slim system, for tickets with QR codes. The installation consists of 5 entry stations, 5 exit stations, and 7 automatic payment stations, 4 of which have a large-format commercial screen. All lanes have cameras for reading and digitizing license plates, as well as vehicle audits. The system allows discounts to be applied at the automatic payment stations based on the bar code that the client can find in the receipts of the anchor retailers. Also, 7 sets of autonomous validators were supplied for discounts from other retailers.

With this new equipment, plus the network infrastructure and new signage suggested by our distributor, the Plaza Imperial shopping center aims to provide a more efficient service to its customers, in its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Wicksteed, UK

5 Automatic Pay Stations, 2 Entry Terminals, and 2 Exit Terminals.

Wicksteed, UKIn 2017 CAME Parkare was awarded a contract renewal at Wicksteed Park to replace our old car park equipment with the latest PKE parking system. Wicksteed Park is an amusement park in Northamptonshire and is the second oldest theme park in the UK.

CAME Parkare was awarded the contract to supply and install a PKE pay-on-foot system at the Wicksteed Park theme park near Kettering, Northamptonshire.

The system replaced the existing attended park entry payment kiosks. The new system, which includes 2 entries, 3 exits, and 5 automatic payment stations, allows visitors to pay for both their theme park rides and parking in one transaction at ticket counters around the park. 

The existing paper season passes were replaced with proximity smart cards, which are controlled using the parking central database of season card users. As the theme park features a camping and caravan site, the entry and exit lanes were configured to allow vehicles to tow caravans or trailers.

Barcelona 'El-Prat' Airport, Spain

58 Automatic Pay Stations, 45 Entry Terminals, and 54 Exit Terminals Including Optima Guidance System and ANPR

El-Prat Airport, SpainIn 2002, CAME Parkare installed a parking system in Terminal T2 of Barcelona El Prat Airport, including 22 automatic payment stations, 19 entry stations, 23 exit stations, and 5,500 Optima guidance system spaces. After an expansion of the airport in 2008, CAME Parkare installed a further 36 automatic payment stations, 26 entry stations, 31 exit stations, and 7,500 more guidance system spaces were added to Terminal T1. All-access stations were supplied with ANPR cameras, associating all tickets with a license plate number.

Mall Chipichape, Colombia

10 Automatic Payment Stations, 7 Entry Terminals, and 7 Exit terminals, Including ANPR

Mall Chipichape, ColombiaThe Chipichape Mall provides a modern urban commercial complex, consisting of shopping, gaming, restaurants, cinemas, a gym, and a hotel, and is one of the places most frequented by tourists visiting Cali. In 2013, CAME Parkare installed an elegant parking system in Centro Commercial Chipichape, including number plate recognition in all of its access terminals with cameras for vehicle auditing.


Madrid, Spain

1,500 Parking Meters and An Integration Software Platform, Allowing 3 Different Machine Suppliers to Work Together in the Same City

Madrid, SpainIn 2014 Parkare achieved another ambitious challenge: to ship parking meters out in record time, so as not to be beaten by another supplier. The software platform was based
on Tempo Enterprise software to control the parking meters and pay-by-phone service, among others. This allowed the municipality to set variable tariffs in a Smart City environment.

Benito Juarez, Mexico

800 Machines For Benito Juarez, in Mexico City's Federal District

Benito Juarez, MexicoIn 2014, Tempo Evo became the perfect solution to regulate on-street parking in Mexico City due to its client-server architecture, high network, and wireless capability. Machines are also able to connect with external systems, which is another plus. Users input their plate numbers into the parking meters and this information is sent directly to the server in real-time.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia370 Ciudad Machines Installed in Kuala Lumpur in 2008, using GPRS Communications

In 2008 CAME Parkare installed 370 Ciudad 21 parking meters in the center of Kuala Lumpur. This was CAME Parkare's first installation in Malaysia's biggest city - and the project was a complete
success. CAME Parkare was the first company capable of updating the software on its meters via GPRS, making managing them easier, saving time and money, as well as improving efficiency.

San José, Costa Rica

76 Tempo Machines Installed in 2013, in Downton San José, Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa RicaBeing the first installation in San José that worked on a pay-by-space basis, the 76 Tempo pay and display machines made a big difference when they were installed, increasing the turnover of on-street parking spaces. Users input the number of the space they have parked in, into the parking
meter, before being offered a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards and two different proximity cards.


  • ANPR Solutions
  • Car Park Management Software
  • Car Parking Guidance Systems
  • Entry- and Exit Stations
  • Intercoms
  • Parking Meters
  • Pay and Display / Pay by Space
  • Pay and Display Tickets
  • Readers
  • Ticket Dispensers
  • Validators / Validations

Product information


PKE and PKM Lines

Hands hold a smartphone displaying a QR code and parking machine is in background

A common main feature in PKE and PKM is that the automatic cashier is not only a payment terminal but also a complete multifunctional station. With a compact design and the latest technology the Automatic Payment Station can work as a manual cashier, so users can purchase parking products, get discounts, or use promotions. Advertising can be included, too.

Both lines provide a low maintenance solution whilst maintaining efficiency during the demand required by high operation facilities. The Car Park Central Unit can be installed in the Automatic Payment Station, so the system becomes more robust and secure, always working (because when the communication with the Cloud Services fails, the Central Unit keeps controlling the car park system). This embedded Central Unit consists of an industrial solid-state disk computer located inside an Automatic Payment Station, so no additional control room is required any longer and the system can easily work remotely attended.

Thanks to the Multi-Car Park Platform, car parks situated across the globe can be managed by just one employee located anywhere, using a Smartphone or a Tablet.

All machines are European DDA-ADA standards EN 301 549 compliance.

PKE Line

A fusion of Italian style and Spanish ingenuity, CAME Parkare’s first joint venture parking system, PKE, combines the CAME PS-One and Parkare Elegance systems with the latest technology to create a powerful, high-end parking system, that will offer a new dimension to the parking industry.

Row of six, grey parking payment machines in various sizes

CAME Parkare offers both thermal paper roll (QR, barcode, etc.) and magnetic strip ticket technology. Machines can work full-time due to the 2 printers' redundancy with a High MTBF ratio (Mean Time Between Failures).

With the addition of a Pay On Exit terminal using credit card payment facilities and also the Card In/Card Out system, which allows users to get in and out of the car park without a ticket, just using their credit card, PKE demonstrates a strong future for CAME Parkare on the world parking stage.

A row of six, yellow parking payment machines in a range of sizes

To summarize, the PKE system is a comprehensive solution to parking control, offering significant improvements in productivity for a little additional cost, whilst also increasing end-user satisfaction due to operational reliability and a range of products to meet all requirements. To do this, our PKE car park control system is based on a network of automatic devices that regulate access, control payment, and record all activity in the car park.

PKM Line

Maintaining the evolutionary CAME Parkare style, the new PKM mid-range system continues to provide the excellent performance capabilities provided by its predecessor, Parkare’s Compact thermal paper roll system.