CAME Parkare Makes Parking Easy at the Sacro Cuore Hospital in Negrar

Ultrasonic sensors and automatic pay stations create a frictionless parking experience.

CAME has implemented a parking system for the Don Calabria Hospital in Negrar making available to patients, visitors, and employees over 300 parking spaces on three underground levels accessible by two different ramps and an open floor. In addition, the use of dedicated signs and ultrasonic sensors allows users to more easily locate available parking spaces and operators to detect vehicles parked in irregular positions, while the two entrances/exits are equipped with Telepass (TAG system) to make transit even faster.

The new parking area of the IRCCS Sacro Cuore Don Calabria Hospital in Negrar, in the province of Verona, Italy is now fully operational. It was built as part of the construction of the new entrance to the hospital, created with the aim of being the only access point for users to access the facilities and reach the wards.

It was created by CAME Parkare, the specialist parking solutions brand of the CAME Group which, thanks to a network of automatic devices, ensures a great user parking experience, making users transit easier and faster. The parking facility is available 24/7 with over 300 parking spaces available across three underground floors which are accessible by two different ramps, ensuring smooth access, which is essential to manage the constant stream of visitors. In addition to the summary board at the entrance, displays have been installed near the access ramp of each floor to indicate the number of available spaces, with particular attention to spaces dedicated to disabled parking.

The parking solution has been engineered following the frictionless parking criteria, minimizing user contact with surfaces and devices, which is essential especially in this health emergency period. The parking facility is in fact equipped with Telepass (TAG system) for two entrances and two exits on the second and third level, in order to facilitate and speed up, even more, the users' transit by eliminating the manual payment step, which takes place fully automatically for maximum security of users.

This is complemented by contactless payment methods and tools such as proximity cards or tickets for hospital users and visitors; employees who have subscribed to the parking facility can use their hospital badge, while patients and their accompanying persons receive a subscription in the form of a ticket valid for the period of hospitalization. Payment in cash is also available at the two automatic payment stations or through an operator at the manual payment station, who also acts as a local supervisor and also manages parking subscriptions.

The centerpiece of the parking solution is the innovative PKE system. The choice to install the PKE system was made to facilitate the use of the parking spaces by hospital users by discouraging access to people not belonging to the structure and allowing the operator to easily identify vehicles parked outside the allowed spaces. Inside the parking facility, 233 ultrasonic sensors have been installed on the ceiling of each covered parking space to detect the vehicles. The sensors not only perform the function of detecting the correct positioning, but also inform the user on the updated status of the parking space through a green light, if available, or red light, if occupied, facilitating remote detection and minimizing the occurrence of queues and traffic jams inside the parking facility.

Another important advantage for the Sacro Cuore Don Calabria project is the reduction in operating costs allowed by the PKE system. CAME Parkare automatic parking requires low maintenance, thanks to the high availability of the system and the redundancy of critical components; just think, for example, of the two integrated ticket printing devices that allow, in case of low stock of the first roll, a quick switch to the second roll, optimizing the common replacement operations.

About CAME Parkare

CAME ParkareCAME Parkare is a company of CAME Group. We are leaders in the automation, control, management, and distribution of equipment for car parks (on-street) and parking meters (off-street). We also do the maintenance for all our machines and systems with our customer service.

At CAME Parkare our main asset is the satisfaction of our customers. As a service company, we constantly aim to deliver quality solutions to our customers.

Our value chain contains concepts like feasibility of the study, development and engineering, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service. Due to this, we can offer tailor-made solutions for our customers.

CAME Parkare is a new concept, stronger than ever, and operating in 118 countries.


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