Came Parkare High End Line

Guadalajara International Airport

The Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) entrusted one more time in Came Parkare and renovated the Car Par System from 2 of its main airports with the PKE line: Tijuana International Airport and Guadalajara International Airport Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.

Located in the center and north of the country, respectively, the airports have a passenger volume of around 20 million a year. A total of 13 Entry Stations, 12 Exit Stations and 16 Automatic Payment Stations have been installed between both airports.

But this will not the end of the project because GAP has 10 more airports which need to be renewed and Came Parkare willwork alongside the customer to meet his satisfaction with the rest of the car park of the airports. 

About CAME Parkare

CAME - Parkare is a Company of CAME Group. We are leaders in automation, control, management and distribution of equipment for car parks (on-street) and parking meters (off-street). We also do the maintenance for all our machines and systems with our Customer Service.

In CAME - Parkare our main asset is the satisfaction of all our customers. As a service company (almost the 50%), we constantly aim to deliver quality solutions to our customers.

Our value chain contains concepts like the Feasibility of the Study, the Development & Engineering, the Manufacturing, Installation and an After Sales Service. Due to this we can offer tailor made solutions for our customers.

CAME - Parkare is a new concept, stronger than ever and operating in 118 countries.


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