CCV: Payment Choice at EV Charging Stations

What’s Changing for German Operators?

Payment Choice at EV Charging Stations

In September 2021, Germany’s Bundesrat, the federal parliament, passed what’s known as the Ladesäulenverordnung, the new “charging station ordinance”. Aimed at enabling easier charging of electric vehicles (EVs), this ordinance will have a big impact on EV charging operators.

Most importantly, the bill mandates that every public EV charging point has to accept debit and credit cards by July 2023. Here’s what you need to know - about the background to the changes and how they will affect operators across Germany. We’ll show you how we at CCV can help operators ensure they are compliant too.

The Background to the New EV Legislation

So, what’s behind the new rules? In large part, the changes are driven by serious developments in the EV industry:

A fast-growing industry

As the number of EVs across the country has grown, the German charging network has come on leaps and bounds too. That’s thanks both to growing demand for the vehicles and extensive government support in the sector.

A fast-charge network

With plans to build a network of fast-charging stations across Germany in coming years, payment needs to keep up and include everybody.

The aim to reduce range anxiety

Payment has a role to play in making EV drivers more confident that they can reach their destination, because they know they can stop at any charge point and pay for the power they need to continue. With range anxiety being one of the primary obstacles for EV adoption, this is essential.

Non-inclusive closed-loop charging points

Currently, charging stations often only provide payment with closed-loop methods. This can exclude tourists or other foreign users -as well as one-off, ad-hoc domestic users - who should be able to pay conveniently too.

Legislation at a European level

EU legislation is being prepared that will mandate payment terminals at all EV charging stations above 50 kilowatts an hour across Europe. Germany’s bill is only the first to make this a reality.

How Will EV Charging Point Operators Benefit from the Changes?

It may feel like there are a lot of changes to be made. But, as the EV network expands across Germany and Europe, the legislation does offer important opportunities for operators too.

Here’s how you can expect to benefit:

Happier customers

When customers can pay with the method they prefer, everyone benefits. In fact, research found that EV drivers in Europe really want to pay with their bank card. And broader studies show that when customers are satisfied, they generally make more frequent transactions and spend more.

When customers can pay with the method they prefer, everyone benefits.

Welcome different users

Open payment technology lets operators accept payment from a much wider pool of EV users - from one-time users to those who just prefer paying with their bank cards. Ultimately, more customers means increased revenue.

Make smarter business decisions

Contactless payment combined with occupancy status and usage information offers operators huge new opportunities in terms of smart data. Equipped with better information on customer behaviour, you can make business optimisations for both your benefit and that of your customers.

CCV Will Help You Get Prepared

At CCV, we can provide operators in Germany with everything you need to ensure compliance:

Guidance. In a fast-growing industry, changes can be hard to navigate. We can help you ensure you get compliant as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

Technology. CCV’s IM30 payment terminal is equipped with contactless payment technology and telemetric capabilities all in one device. And it can also accept Mifare cards, as well as credit and debit cards. Thanks to its Android operating system, it also promises a familiar and usable interface for every customer.

Ongoing support. We already work with hundreds of operators across EV charging and unattended payment generally. Our team of experts are on-hand to provide you with all the support you need too.

About CCV (

CCV is an international payment solutions provider that services over 600,000 businesses with CCVend-to-end payment solutions in Europe. Our extensive portfolio includes a processing and settlement platform, online and closed-loop payments, acquiring services, and a wide range of instore and unattended payment terminals. CCV’s focused partnership strategy, as well as direct SME offerings, enabled us to take leading positions in all home markets: the Netherlands (HQ), Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland. Our success is based on innovation and a long-term customer-focused commitment via partnerships and SME businesses.


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