Cleverciti Parking Sensors Take Smart Parking a Step Beyond

Cleverciti parking sensors are a unique parking solution thanks to their design that allows them to scan at a 360 degree angle.

Cleverciti Sensors

Via the Cleverciti app, the sensors also help users find a personalized parking space while making parking management cost-efficient and simple.

Nowadays, it is common to go to a parking area and receive information about the number of parking spots available beforehand. Parking sensors allow drivers to make smart and time-efficient decisions about parking, and, thus reducing carbon emissions. Could drivers, cities, and parking operators want more?

Cleverciti Systems GmbH, based in Munich, is a parking solution provider that answers that question with a definite yes. While individual parking sensors do ease parking, these have limitations that affect all parties. Cleverciti systems provide a more effective way to reduce parking time to the absolute minimum.

The three Cleverciti Systems sensors, together with the Cleverciti app, provide parking solutions in real time. Unlike single-space sensors, the Cleverciti parking sensors are installed in a post or a wall in order to reach the widest angle possible. The Cleverciti long range sensor is able to scan a parking area at 360 degrees. This provides information for about 100 parking spaces. The Cleverciti Sensor integrated to modern light fixtures provides a parking sensor solution as well as a parking light solution. The sensor scans about 30 parking spaces as well as the amount of light in the area to determine if light is needed. This sensor takes the idea of smart parking a step beyond.

Because the Cleverciti parking sensors treat the parking area as a whole, there is no need to mark individual parking spaces. As European cities push to attract compact city cars, Cleverciti sensors optimize parking areas for each car.  The sensors provide information about the size of the space available informing the driver if the car fits in a parking space. The Cleverciti app can even advise a driver with a small city car of the best way to park in order to maximize the space.

Cleverciti sensor installation

With just a year on the market, the Cleverciti parking sensors have proved to be effective for several cities. The first city to adopt them was Bad Hersfeld, Germany. Cleveciti installed six sensors, which were enough to cover the the entire city center, allowing drivers to quickly and efficiently park. The Cleverciti sensors also allow city officials to know when someone has parked illegally in loading areas or bike lanes. This extends the benefits to bike users as well as delivery companies. Cleverciti has installed sensors in Rotterdam, and will soon expand to The Hague, Helmond, Cologne, the Munich Fair and several other cities and applications. Installations at corporate parking spaces, shopping malls as well as truck parking areas will also follow this year.

Cleverciti Systems will continue to innovate smart parking by providing concrete solutions to the most pressing parking needs. 

About Cleverciti SystemsCleverciti Systems GmbH logo

Cleverciti Systems has developed a cost-efficient smart parking solution to monitor parking space availability in real-time. Cleverciti sensors analyze, identify and measure the size of occupied and free parking spaces across entire streets or large parking areas, motorway service areas and truck parking. Cleverciti parking sensors can be mounted on walls or on existing lamp posts — turning them into "smart lamp posts". The exact GPS coordinates of each free or occupied parking space are sent directly from the sensors in real-time to mobile devices, navigation devices and local parking guidance systems for motorists’ benefit. Cities and parking operators also receive valuable data; not just about the availability of parking spaces but also in terms of payment data, utilization of the parking spaces and other statistics.


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