CITYSCANNER® in Berlin for Parking Space Mapping and Parking Data Analysis

- Berlin

As part of the research project "Development and operation of an extended environmentally sensitive traffic management system in Berlin (eUVM)", we as DCX Innovations GmbH will be on the road with several CITYSCANNER® vehicles in Berlin from this week until December 2023. The main components of this project are:

  • The exact mapping and documentation of existing parking spaces within the Berlin “S-Bahn Ring” with a surface area of approx. 88km2
  • The continuous recording of the utilization rate of various on-street parking spaces
  • Statistics on usage behavior, e.g. in relation to parking duration

CITYSCANNER card with a QR code

Up to four vehicles equipped with the latest CITYSCANNER system will be used on both main and secondary roads. The vehicles capture the roadside while driving with the help of high-resolution cameras, laser-based LiDAR scanners, and GPS antennas. In order to draw conclusions about the duration of the parking and the parking search traffic, only partial license plates of the parked and moving vehicles are collected. A query of the holder data does not take place. The data processing and complete anonymization of recorded persons and vehicle license plates in image data already takes place in the vehicle and is not traceable or reversible. The recording of public parking spaces within the framework of this project expressly does not serve to control or punish parking violations, not even to support the regulatory authorities.

The Data Collected during the Course of the Project Will Be Analyzed by DCX Innovations GmbH with Regard To:

  • Quantification and localization of unoccupied parking space or repurposing potentials
  • Analysis of the parking search traffic volume depending on the available parking space, utilization, day of the week and time
  • Quantification of the traffic impact of parking space management
  • Analysis of price policy interventions on the user_innenverhalten
  • Analysis of rebound effects over time after the introduction of parking space management

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CityScanner is a mobile all-in-one automated parking enforcement system.

Our mobile ANPR sensors scan registration plates and issue parking tickets for unpaid stops. Successful implementation confirms the high efficiency of the solution: one vehicle is as good as 10 walking patrols (two inspectors each) that may be utilized in other less attended parking zones.


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