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A leading provider of comprehensive information and communication technologies and software solutions in Smart City. We provide advanced community, data gathering and management systems.

Thanks to 30 years of experience as a part of MCX Group, industry knowledge, leading products, and one of the most modern Software Houses to exist, we are able to recognize and meet the technological and business needs of our partners.

We create flexible solutions, paying special attention to the quality of products and services.

Data-driven decisions as a key to success

Data-driven decisions as a key to success

A Smart City is created by smart leaders. Leaders who want and can make use of modern technologies. In modern disruptive times, Information is more valuable than material goods. Studies show that economies in which the intensity of data use is greater are also characterized by a higher level of GDP.

Data-driven decisions as a key to success

We are ready. We build modern information and communication technologies like CITYSCANNER® to collect and analyze data for leaders to make knowledge driven decisions.

The concept of smart cities should relate to the actual data proven needs of a given agglomeration and bring measurable effects, for example:


  • Increasing turnower from a given asset (Savings of time, of many, of workload, of waste)
  • Faster economic growth
  • Improving the quality of life of the residents

Our Mobile MultiSensor™ system CITYSCANNER® can be used to generatine data on urban roads.  
Having appropriate data thanks to the CITYSCANNER® Mobile MultiSensor™, a city can tackle multiple modern challenges for example related to:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Parking efficiency
  • Safety
  • Pollution
  • Infrastructural efficiencies


Company information

Headquarters location Karl-Heinrich-Ulrichs-Strasse 11
D-10787 Berlin
Office locations
Gotarda 9
02-683 Warszawa
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MCX Group

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Recent projects

The Warsaw parking enforcement CITYSCANNER®
implementation in numbers

10 000 000 €

Additional income from parking tickets

9 000 000 €

From parking fees

+25 %

more parking fees paid


more parking spaces checkied at the same time


reached in just 6 months

The Warsaw parking enforcement CITYSCANNER® implementation in numbers



  • Data Analytics
  • Data Collection Systems
  • Data Management System
  • Data Processing
  • Enforcement
  • Parking Data

Product information

What makes the CITYSCANNER® unique.

  1. The  CITYSCANNER® is a whole process:

The CITYSCANNER® hardware and software built around our unique Mobile MultiSensor™ enables us to determine, that a car has been parked in a given place. Capturing and documenting the exact location of a vehicle in two independent drives. Based on the captured data (geodata, photo, timestamp) it can doubtless document, that the car 

a.       was not moving for N-minutes == it has been parked there

b.       was parked in a defined parking zone 

2. Precision which is a prerequisite to enable the complete CITYSCANNER® process.

The required precision of those measurements has been verified by an independent third-party institution.

Results are documented in the peer-review scientific paper.

Title: Analysis of the System of Controlling Paid Parking Zones”

On the edge advantage of CITYSCANNER® ensures data safety:

Having computing unit on board, enables CITYSCANNER® to execute the full anonymization and the final preparation of the data according to the defined interface inside the car without a need of transferring data with personal information via the air.

To prevent data loss thanks to “on the edge” processing no sensitive data is transferred over the air.


Parking zone enforcement made easy

Automation and optimization of the entire enforcement process

Real-world usage shows that only 2-3 cars are neededto double scan 16.000 cars daily

Using the unique precision CITYSCANNER® is also able to:

· Map precisely the existing parking spaces

Simple parking zone mapping with precise geolocation with CITYSCANNER® mobile parking enforcement system

Scan even very close parked cars and record violations thanks to unprecedented precision

Even very close parked cars are scanned for parking violation andunpait parking fees with with precise Mobile MultiSensor with CITYSCANNER® mobile parking enforcement system

Parking zone enforcement made easy

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