CITYSCANNER® - Mobile MultiSensor™

What is the Mobile MultiSensor™

Mobile MultiSensor

As the design principle, the CityScanner® Mobile MultiSensor™ was designed as a flexible multi-platform for different sensor modules able to provide necessary data sets, bespoke crafted to the task at hand.

Series of bay-parked white cars with scanners attached to the roof     A screen showing map and data, attached to the gear box of a car

It has an onboard computing unit able to calculate on-the-edge incoming sensor data from LiDARs, cameras, infrared cameras, GPS units, environmental data sensors, etc. as well as the necessary on-the-edge instantaneous anonymization of sensitive data, on the sensors level even before anything is saved in any part of the system.

For example, in on-street paid parking zone enforcement all the individuals visible in the video-recorded and documentation photos are anonymized before saving to data storage. This happens on the hardware level to make sure that data sent to the cloud is already fully GDPR  compliant, ensuring that no data leak is possible.

Pedestrians using a zebra crossing on a tree-lined avenue

Modules for environmental, precise vehicles, or other subject's position detection (for example, for parking violation detection) may be mixed with other modules as an add-on to existing ones.

A parking enforcement CITYSCANNER® MultiSensor™ system with its own “on-board” computing power:

  • enables the GPS-based control of quickly and easily defined paid parking zones, as well as prohibited areas
  • detects the position of objects (e.g. cars, license plates) with an accuracy of a few cm
  • flexible and easy to install on different car models
  • enables the detection and processing of dangerous parking violations in real-time
  • on-the-edge advantage of CITYSCANNER® ensures data safety as it is anonymized instantaneously on the sensors level

Mobile MultiSensor™ - a flexible mobile platform with endless possibilities by DCX Innovations

About DCX Innovations DCX

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CityScanner is a mobile all-in-one automated parking enforcement system.

Our mobile ANPR sensors scan registration plates and issue parking tickets for unpaid stops. Successful implementation confirms the high efficiency of the solution: one vehicle is as good as 10 walking patrols (two inspectors each) that may be utilized in other less attended parking zones.


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