Two CITYSCANNER® Vehicles Delivered to the City of Gdynia

CITYSCANNER® Cars for Parking Zone Enforcement and Analytics Delivered Under the Contract After Last Years Tender

- Gdynia, Poland
CITYSCANNER® cars equipped with Mobile MultiSensor™  in Gdynia - Photo: ZDiZ Gdynia

Two all-electric CITYSCANNER® cars equipped with Mobile MultiSensor™  were delivered, together with the system and the charging station to the city of Gdynia to carry out mobile control in the Paid Parking Zone.

Gdynia signed a contract for the supply and three-year service of cars with a mobile vehicle control system in the Paid Parking Zone in November 2021. The two cars delivered under the contract are electric Nissan Leafs.

The CityScanner systems will verify that the parked cars have the fee paid.

"Information will be transferred to the supervisory system along with a complete set of documentation prepared for issuing a ticket notification" - says Michał Felon, director of the Roads and Greenery Management of City of Gdynia.

The driver will be able to check photos of his vehicle and pay for the ticket/notification via the internet after providing the registration number and the notification number on the website of the ZDiZ Road and Greenery Authority of Gdynia, through the "notification plus" panel.

Cars for mobile control can already be seen on the streets of Gdynia.

Currently, the system is being calibrated for the needs of the ZDiZ Gdynia. Regular vehicle checks will start in September and will cover the entire SPP area. We estimate that daily mobile control will scan approximately 9 thousand vehicles.

"The SPP e-control system should recognize vehicle registration numbers at a speed that does not interfere with city traffic and operate in all weather conditions. In accordance with applicable law, the system will ensure the anonymization of the image of all persons and vehicles that will not be affected by the case. In addition to controlling parking fees, the data will be used to measure parking times, and the rotation of parking vehicles or to determine the structure of fees paid " adds Michał Felon, director of the Road and Greenery Management in Gdynia.

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CityScanner is a mobile all-in-one automated parking enforcement system.

Our mobile ANPR sensors scan registration plates and issue parking tickets for unpaid stops. Successful implementation confirms the high efficiency of the solution: one vehicle is as good as 10 walking patrols (two inspectors each) that may be utilized in other less attended parking zones.


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