DCX: CITYSCANNER To Provide Another 6 Scanners for Warsaw After Successful Tender

6 Additional CITYSCANNER Vehicles for the City of Warsaw Prove the Superior Utility of a Multisensor Based CITYSCANNER Compared to Standard ANPR Reading Systems

- Warsaw, Poland
6 Additional CITYSCANNER Vehicles for the City of Warsaw

The success story of the automated electronic control of paid parking in Warsaw continues. CITYSCANNER will provide an additional 6 CITYSCANNER vehicles in a signed agreement with the city of Warsaw.

Successfully delivering up to half a million PLN daily from automated parking zone toll inspection by existing CITYSCANNER vehicles, there will be even more thanks to the agreement signed today between the city of Warsaw and CITYSCANNER (MCX Pro Sp. Z oo). Six additional automatic toll verification vehicles will be provided, increasing the existing fleet of CITYSCANNER vehicles.

Each of the CITYSCANNER vehicles intended for e-control has a device on the roof with cameras, lidar, and other sensors that scan the license plates of cars in the Unguarded Paid Parking Zone (SPPN) and identify drivers who have not paid for parking.

The system is simple, fast, and properly documents the offense - it indicates not only the registration plate number but also the exact parking places in the zone. In case of doubt, the photo documentation of your parking can be checked” – The Warsaw city press release.

CITYSCANNER To Provide Another 6 Scanners for Warsaw After Successful Tender

CITYSCANNER is an extremely innovative solution. It is much more advanced than solutions based only on ANPR, as many on the market are today. It has been designed and developed as a multi-purpose, mobile, multi-sensor device to gather and process data from a perspective of a moving vehicle.

With CITYSCANNER the position of an object of interest (license plate or fire hydrants or traffic signs or road potholes can be determined with an accuracy of up to 5 cm. In operational mode, the accuracy is >90% inside the range of 0-30 cm.

CITYSCANNER  can detect parking violations based on the position

Furthermore, CITYSCANNER can detect parking violations based on position. Parking too close to an intersection, at a loading zone, on other prohibited areas, or a bicycle lane – everything is easy to detect and can be automatically documented. No other system used in Europe so far can determine the position of the inspected vehicle with such accuracy. This preciseness is the key to automation – with legally binding proof of evidence. The need for additional verification by foot patrols is reduced to a minimum.

The e-control system has been operating in Warsaw for over a year and a half. And it works very well. Each vehicle performs work comparable to 10 two-person foot patrols, which significantly increases the efficiency of toll collection. Since the introduction of the e-control system in Warsaw, ZDM (Warsaw road management office) cars have driven 116,104 km and inspected 5,494,521 vehicles. As a result, 252,485 fines were issued for the lack of payment for parking.“ – Official statement from the City of Warsaw.

Other cities, encouraged by the Warsaw example, also want to introduce the CITYSCANNER solution.

Please contact us for further information.

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CityScanner is a mobile all-in-one automated parking enforcement system.

Our mobile ANPR sensors scan registration plates and issue parking tickets for unpaid stops. Successful implementation confirmes the high efficiency of the solution: one vehicle is as good as 10 walking patrols (two inspectors each) that may be utilized in other less attended parking zones.


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