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Skyline Parking AG Winterthur uses high-speed folding doors from EFAFLEX for its fully-automated parking systems.

Skyline Parking AG Winterthur uses high-speed folding doors from EFAFLEX for its fully-automated parking systems.

Space in the cities is becoming a luxury all over the world. Many local authorities consider having enough parking space to be virtually priceless. For this reason, Skyline Parking AG in the Swiss city of Winterthur has specialised in customised, automatic parking systems particularly for cities, airports and car dealers. Using a minimum of space these systems provide more parking for cars than conventional parking solutions. Using state-of-the-art technology, like the EFA-SFT high-speed folding doors from EFAFLEX, ensures speed and safety during the parking and exiting process.

In April of this year the Skyline Parking car tower opened on the Auto Züri West premises on Zürcherstrasse in Schlieren. This fully-automated car compound offers a completely new type of exhibition space, where a multitude of cars can be displayed using minimal space. Housed in a round metal tower, which is approx. 22 metres high, there are 128 parking spaces over eight storeys, offering the dealer’s customers a unique experience when buying new or used cars. In less than one minute the salesperson can display the selected model in the showroom, separated from the sales office by just a pane of glass.

Parking and exiting the system takes less than one Peter Hossli, EFAFLEXminute,” explains Peter Hossli, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Skyline Parking AG. “But for this the systems need doors that can open or shut in a few seconds, rather than half a minute. For such rapid, but reliable doors Efaflex is an established supplier who can be found all over Switzerland.” For Peter Hossli reliability and speed were critical when deciding on their choice of doors. “We can’t afford for a door to break down, it would paralyse the entire car park. Plus we need doors that fit in the door openings due to the very low lintels.”

Another aspect of Skyline Parking AG’s door selection are the strict safety requirements
EFAFLEX at Skyline
stipulating there must be an escape door for pedestrians next to the high speed door. When entering the vehicle is parked in the cabin facing forwards where it is scanned by video and specialist computer software, before being automatically transported to its destination, with the computer ensuring the vehicle is parked carefully. The doors remain open as long as something is moving in the cabin, should the driver or passenger need to exit the vehicle or the cabin after the doors have closed, an escape door next to the high speed door can be utilised. Removing a car is even easier, after selecting the model via SMS or iPad the car is delivered facing the correct direction, ready in the exit cabin.

On the opposite side of the round building pedestal, another EFA-SFT closes an integrated car wash. The rapid opening and closing speeds are also important here, as the cars are parked completely automatically in the car wash.

For Skyline Parking AG, the project in Schlieren acts as a reference system for potential customers from all over the world. The company with its headquarters in Winterthur specialises in the prize-winning, innovative and efficient design of fully-automated parking systems, which are based on a wide range of patented technologies and precise analysis of customer requirements.

In comparison with conventional car parks the fully-automated systems only require 25% of the space, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 80%. As a result, the company contributes greatly to environmental protection and the optimisation of car parking in inner cities, while almost eliminating vandalism and parking damage. EFAFLEX will also be the system partner for other ambitious future projects in the parking sector with its ultra-modern and energy-efficient high-speed doors.

About Skyline Parking AG

Skyline Parking

Skyline Parking AG designs and supplies the most space-efficient and fastest fully automated parking systems. Skyline’s systems provide high returns while being an environmentally and user-friendly answer to the growing scarcity and cost of urban space, worldwide. The broad range of products, means that Skyline Parking has a solution for virtually any location, problem or requirement.


EFAFLEX founded in 1974,  was the first company worldwide which exclusively dealt with high-speed doors. And they knew what they did! Since this vision made up the edge on our competitors from the first day. Today, EFAFLEX is THE brand manufacturer of high-speed doors and the unchallenged technology leader. EFAFLEX doors for parking systems are available in different variants like spiral doors and folding doors. The company globally employs more than 1000 employees and has been a proudly owner-managed family company since formation. EFAFLEX’s headquarters are located in Bruckberg at the heart of Bavaria offering innovative and creative engineering design internationally from Germany and further European countries.


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