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EFAFLEX Webinar: Parking Doors – Digitized for Higher Security and Ease of Use


EFAFLEX – safe high-speed doors

In 1974, when the company was founded, EFAFLEX was the first company worldwide that exclusively dealt with high-speed doors. And they knew what they were doing!

Since this vision made up the edge on our competitors from the first day. Today, EFAFLEX is THE brand manufacturer of high-speed doors and the unchallenged technology leader. EFAFLEX doors for parking systems are available in different variants like spiral doors and folding doors.

The company globally employs more than 1000 employees and has been a proudly owner-managed family company since formation. EFAFLEX’s headquarters are located in Bruckberg at the heart of Bavaria offering innovative and creative engineering design internationally from Germany and further European countries.

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Advantages of high-speed doors


The world's fastest door is made by EFAFLEX. The EFA-STR® is a combination of the spiral-shaped door guidance and flexible door blade. It achieves an opening speed of up to 4 m/s. EFAFLEX manufacturer of rolller door, roller shutter door and high speed doors.

Long service life
Long Service Life

EFAFLEX high-speed doors are designed for being used very frequently. Design characteristics such as the patented spiral technology or the weight balance provide for a long service life.


High-speed doors by EFAFLEX increase the efficiency of every company. High opening speeds minimise the waiting time in front of the doors and thus accelerate the logistic processes.

Technological edge
Technological Edge

EFAFLEX has used and coined the term high-speed doors already more than 40 years ago. Due to constantly new inventions and further developments, EFAFLEX has been the leading manufacturer of high-speed doors for nearly 20 years now.

Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency

With the EFA-SST®, EFAFLEX offers the first high-speed door worldwide which is equipped as a standard with thermally separated insulation laths. Thus, insulation values of up to 0.66 W/m2K can be achieved - depending on the size of the door.


With the door line light grid EFA-TLG® and the laser scanner EFA-SCAN®, EFAFLEX offers two worldwide unique safety devices for doors. EFAFLEX producer of high speed industrial doors.

Customer Service

Customer Service

From production to installation and service, all EFAFLEX employees are extremely well trained.

Global Player

Global Player

Within just a short period of time, EFAFLEX has developed into a global company with a worldwide network. Today, you will always find your professional contact in your proximity - in more than 50 countries on all five continents.

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Product information

The EFAFLEX high-speed spiral door EFA-SST® Secure from the EFAPROTECT® series achieves maximum security with resistance class 4 (WK 4)

Parking Brochure

EFAFLEX Parking Brochure

EFA-SST®-PS at a glance

  • Opening up to 1.8 m/s
  • space-saving construction
  • Closing up to 1.0 m/s
  • Highest wind load capacity
  • Top safety devices
  • Up to 200,000 operating cycles p.a.
  • Standard sizes of up to w=6,100mm x h=4,000mm



 Fastest parking door

EFAFLEX Infographic Parking Doors

The fastest parking system door in the worldFastest Parking Door

Uniquely fast, secure and reliable – one more characteristic is now going to be added to the known features of EFAFLEX high-speed doors. Once again, our engineers have scored a real coup: They developed the EFA-SST®-PS, a space-saving door particularly suited for parking and garage systems. The new construction can be installed even under minimal space conditions in the lintel or side frame.

New dimensions

The EFAFLEX spiral is still an ingenious construction principle. However, in comparison to common spiral doors, the space requirement was significantly reduced by using a compact spiral construction which has been patented several times. The smaller laths (height of 105 mm) also mean that the door can be installed in tight spaces in the lintel.

Safety first

New perspectives

Safety First

The external building door opens in mere seconds and closes immediately after the car has passed the door. The EFA-SST®-PS thus prevents unauthorised access and unauthorised cars may not gain entry to the building.

Fast and secure doors contribute to safe entries and exits of (underground) car parks of hotels, banks, agencies and other public institutions in particular.

For new dimensions of durability

One’s own ambitions are the strongest drive for outstanding performance: Common garage doors are calculated to go through approximately 5 opening cycles a day, but the EFA-SST®-PS is dimensioned for 200,000 work cycles a year. That’s why no other door can be compared to the EFAFLEX doors concerning durability and capacity.

Safety devices

With absolute safety

Safety Devices

EFAFLEX high-speed doors also guarantee you the highest standard with regard to safety. As leading manufacturer of high-speed doors, EFAFLEX is aware of its responsibility! Therefore, we also want to be pioneers in the field of safety.

Our systems bring you much more safety - for persons as well as for the material loaded and for the door itself.

Unique systems - for more safety

Not only the doors itself satisfy the highest demands at EFAFLEX. The appertaining safety systems also offer unique advantages. EFA-SCAN®, the latest EFAFLEX patent, is the first laser scanner worldwide which can be used in a door on the one hand, and which is an activator as well as safety system in one and the same product on the other hand.

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