EFAFLEX Parking System Doors: With a Product Solution for Every Application

Multi-Storey Carpark Entrance

Multi-storey and underground car parks are improving their image with forward-thinking operators focusing more on their user's safety and security during new builds and refurbishments. The high-speed doors from EFAFLEX are specially designed with this in mind: versatile and tailor-made to customer requests, they offer a product solution for virtually every application and challenge.

Reliability, speed, durability – these are the top three customer requirements for doors in the parking industry. Often the entrance and exit gate are the only means to access the underground or multi-storey car park. In the event of a defect, or breakdown this can lead to disruptions in the flow of traffic: queues for parking customers, even traffic jams in front of or inside the car park, leaving everyone involved annoyed and with potential financial losses for the operator. To counteract this, the door manufacturer EFAFLEX not only guarantees high quality and durability, but also unrivaled operating cycles coupled with the fastest door opening and closing speeds. Take by comparison the common garage doors which are generally calculated on the basis of approximately 1,800 cycles per year, whereas the most efficient EFAFLEX high-speed door can achieve 250,000 cycles – that's an impressive service interval.

Opened and Closed in Seconds

As an essential feature of the special doors for car parks, the above-average closing speed offers customers added value in many respects. Alexander Fuchs, Business Owner Parking at EFAFLEX, reports on this: "Our external building doors open in mere seconds and close immediately after the vehicle has passed through. This minimizes the risk of unauthorized access, which is particularly appreciated by banks, hotels, and public authorities. But a comprehensive sense of security is also exceedingly important in hospitals and shopping centers." A pleasant added bonus: the majority of dirt, leaves, and litter also stays outside.

Tailor-Made Down to the Last Detail

Speaking of solutions: the high-speed door specialists adapt each door individually to the customer's specific requests. Because not only do the requirements vary depending on the intended use, but also the buildings themselves, for example in size, shape, light, and ventilation situation. Among other things, there is a door type specially designed for confined spaces as well as versions with different laths to meet feel-good factors such as temperature, brightness, and appearance. Fuchs adds: "Beautiful, modern, and functional car parks are the most attractive parking option for a vehicle".


EFAFLEX design, manufacturer, install and service high-speed doors for industrial and commercial applications. Founded in 1974, the company supplies to clients including food processing,  manufacturing, clean room, cold store and the chemical, pharmaceutical sectors. As the only manufacturer of high-speed industrial doors, EFAFLEX has been entered into the world market leader index and is one of the 461 top companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The privately-owned company has more than 1,200 employees worldwide. With its headquarters in Bruckberg, Bavaria, EFAFLEX is firmly established as the largest employer in the region. Furthermore, with ten subsidiaries on five continents, the company is developing international markets with more than 50 percent of their revenue now being generated outside of Germany.


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