Werndl & Partner Uses Efaflex High-Speed Doors for Underground Car Park in the Spinnereipark, Kolbermoor

EFAFLEX doors provided an elegant, quiet and safe solution for the Spinnereipark garage

In the Spinnereipark in Kolbermoor, the pulse of time beats completely differently, it feels calm, it feels healthy. Yes, of course, there are roads and cars, a supermarket, shops, restaurants, and cafes. And this is also where many people go about their everyday commitments and habits. Just like in any city. But not “every city” is like this. 

Surrounded by carefully restored industrial monuments, embedded in extensive parks, and overshadowed by ancient trees, a new district has emerged in Kolbermoor. With buildings for living and working, the calm here is not deceptive. It results from a variety of ideas, from careful planning and consideration as well as from years of experience, which has always given new life.

Maximilian Werndl, Civil Engineer and Managing Director of Werndl & Partner in Kolbermoor, describes the content of his work as his mission. “The Rosenheim area is my home. I was born and raised here. I see it as a task and a privilege that I can help shape my homeland.

As developers, Werndl & Partner create a building culture that fits into the foothills of the Alps, that does justice to the people who will live in these quarters in terms of individuality and quality. "We try every construction project with something new,” explains Maximilian Werndl. "Often this does not correspond to the norm, but the new will later be part of the quality of life that we create with our projects. That's why it's important to me to implement these ideas."

It is a tradition in his family to move into new residential buildings or offices for a while in order to “test” the property. You can only get better at what you do if you carry out a target/actual comparison.

Resilient, Elegant and Quiet

During a walk through the quarter, he points to an underground car park door. “The first garage door was too slow, and more importantly too loud. So I then looked at a high-speed door from EFAFLEX at another customer. I wanted to feel and, above all, hear how the performance is.” He has seen it often enough that manufacturers lose themselves in design, while other product parameters fall by the wayside. "The doors from EFAFLEX, on the other hand, can not only be adapted to almost any facade, they are products that are further developed based on their function," says Maximilian Werndl. "These here are highly resilient and complete up to 200 opening cycles per day with 50 parking spaces."

The first EFA-STT-ÜS, which was installed for an underground car park in Spinnereipark, has door laths with ventilation slots across the entire width of seven meters because it is integrated into the smoke extraction concept for the garage. A sloping end compensates for the gradient of the ramp and ends at floor level. The noise emission is secondary here, the entrance is at a sufficient distance away from the apartments.

A slatted door seen from the inside of a parking garage ramp

Werndl & Partner have already taken a big step forward with the next two doors. Because the garages are directly below the residential and office areas, the somewhat louder metal curtains for the doors were no longer an option for Maximilian Werndl. Following his philosophy to try something new, he decided on an EFA-SRT-S high-speed roller door with a flexible curtain. “Flexible curtains for underground car park doors are very unusual. However, EFAFLEX offers a very stable door curtain that is not only suitable for welding booths, but is also very valuable architecturally and aesthetically.” Because the ventilation slots in the flexible curtain are omitted, another solution had to be found. The door was set back a little from the wall opening in order to integrate a grill for ventilation in the event of a fire, almost invisibly from the outside. Additional dampers were installed between the door and the masonry to isolate structure-borne noise.

Solid grey roller door closed over a parking garage entrance

The door opens as two cyclists ride into the garage. Thanks to Maximilian Werndl. The door closes quietly behind them.

Using the example of high-speed doors from EFAFLEX, the civil engineer explains how he takes the development of projects into his own hands. "What I touch has to be good," he says with conviction, and what has emerged around him in cooperation with his regional partners shows that his statement is formulated rather modestly. Then he adds: "You can't build neighborhoods like this in three years. Projects need to evolve. If you want it to get really good, it will take 25 to 30 years.


EFAFLEX design, manufacture, install and service high-speed doors for industrial and commercial applications. Founded in 1974, the company supplies to clients including food processing,  manufacturing, clean room, cold store, and the chemical, pharmaceutical sectors. As the only manufacturer of high-speed industrial doors, EFAFLEX has been entered into the world market leader index and is one of the 461 top companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The privately-owned company has more than 1,200 employees worldwide. With its headquarters in Bruckberg, Bavaria, EFAFLEX is firmly established as the largest employer in the region. Furthermore, with ten subsidiaries on five continents, the company is developing international markets with more than 50 percent of their revenue now being generated outside of Germany.


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