“The benefit for the city and users can hardly be expressed in money!”

City of Almere equips car parks in the city with a total 28 parking system doors from EFAFLEX up to now

Almere equips car parks with a total 28 parking system doors

Almere’s car parks do not dominate the cityscape. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to find a safe and user-friendly car park, as the seventh largest city in the Netherlands with almost 200,000 inhabitants offers around 5,000 parking spaces in fifteen car parks in the city centre alone. In twelve car parks, the users drive through the EFA-SST®-Classic high-speed parking system door. The doors of the door specialist EFAFLEX open with a speed of up to 2.5 m/s when entering the car park and close immediately after the door line has been passed with up to 1 m/s.

In November 2009, the city of Almere decided to replace the old roll-up doors in the entrance and exit area of the Regisseur car park with three EFAFLEX parking system doors. Vandalism and contamination of the car parks were the main reasons for this. “After a test period with positive results, we installed EFAFLEX doors in ten further car parks. The newly constructed URCA car park was also equipped with EFA-SST®-Classic. Our primary selection criteria were the fast opening and closing speeds,” says Anthonie Dam who is responsible for managing all car parks in the city of Almere. “It can hardly be expressed in concrete amounts of money which benefit these doors are,” he explains. “Since we are able to offer cleaner and even safer parking facilities thanks to the doors, the number of users has grown significantly.”
A total of 28 EFA-SST®-Classic have been installed in car parks in the city of Almere in the past seven years.

With EFA-SST-Classic, the EFAFLEX engineers developed a door which can be used universally for almost all industry sectors as well as for parking systems.
The EFAFLEX spiral is used as construction principle. The safe external building door opens in mere seconds and closes immediately after the car has passed the door. Thus, EFA-SST®-Classic prevents unauthorised access. Unauthorised cars or persons cannot enter the building.
Common garage doors are calculated for about five opening cycles a day, but the EFA-SST®-Classic is dimensioned for 250,000 work cycles a year. The door is very stable and guarantees a higher wind load capacity than any other high-speed door.

For better ventilation or integration into smoke extraction systems, it is possible to supply the doors also with perforated laths.
If the customer is interested in modern thermal insulation an, EFAFLEX offers as the first manufacturer worldwide thermally separated EFA-THERM® insulation laths for EFA-SST® as a standard feature. Depending on the door size, outstanding thermal insulation values between 0.66 and 1.52 W/m² K are reached. Depending on how much light should come in, the door specialist equips the door leaf with transparent laths made from acrylic glass.

EFAFLEX claims to also pioneer in terms of safety. The systems of the company ensure significantly higher levels of reliable safety – both for the persons and the load and the door itself.

“We must be able to rely one hundred percent on the EFAFLEX doors,” says Anthonie Dam. “We would face a major problem if the car park users stand in front of a closed door.”
Both the city and the users are very pleased with the fast doors. Anthonie Dam concludes: “In the Netherlands, the marks range from 1 to 10 (which is very good). We mark the door systems with 8.5, because we are very pleased with them.”


EFAFLEX founded in 1974,  was the first company worldwide which exclusively dealt with high-speed doors. And they knew what they did! Since this vision made up the edge on our competitors from the first day. Today, EFAFLEX is THE brand manufacturer of high-speed doors and the unchallenged technology leader. EFAFLEX doors for parking systems are available in different variants like spiral doors and folding doors. The company globally employs more than 1000 employees and has been a proudly owner-managed family company since formation. EFAFLEX’s headquarters are located in Bruckberg at the heart of Bavaria offering innovative and creative engineering design internationally from Germany and further European countries.


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