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Mobile Parking with FlashParking

Mobile parking has become a dominant topic within the parking industry.

As consumers are increasingly demanding convenience, parking providers are seeking to adopt new Juan Rodriguez Headshottechnologies to meet the demand. Apps are an integral part of mobile parking, allowing for easier payments, wayfinding, and even seamless access and exit control. 

We had the opportunity to speak to the CEO and Co-Founder of FlashParking, Juan Rodriguez and learn more about mobile parking apps.

Firstly, we asked Juan why he felt mobile parking apps had become a major medium in parking.

“Mobile parking apps have taken off in a lot of the major cities for mobile payment purposes like in Washington, D.C. and eParking reservations in places like Chicago and San Francisco. They’ve been adopted pretty well because they bring a level of convenience to the parkers, plus society is moving to what we call ‘mobile first’ so we are spending a lot of time on our phones because it’s more convenient to be able to do a particular task on your phone, so it makes sense. I think that’s the main reason why mobile apps are so popular”. 

FlashParking Mobile In Car

Secondly, we wanted to know how Juan thought the mobile apps market would evolve.

“I think more cities, even smaller municipalities, will adopt what the larger cities are doing, but I also think what we consider a mobile parking app will migrate into the vehicle infotainment center. So instead of doing transactions solely on my phone, I will do them on my phone and transfer them to the infotainment system or ignore my phone and completely do them in my infotainment system. Infotainment is either the dashboard or the touchscreen that some of the new cars have. Eventually, self-parking vehicles will use the knowledge in the infotainment system to connect to parking facilities to be able to enter or exit, make a payment, and so on”.

Finally, we were interested in what mobile parking app developments we could expect.

“From a mobile parking app perspective, FlashParking will continue to enhance our FlashBeacon Software Development Kit or SDK, which enables frictionless Bluetooth beacon parking access to gated facilities. We will add additional tools to provide different types of parking transactions through that SDK so that partners can embed that SDK into their mobile apps and we can continue to perfect the parking experience”.

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We appreciate the insights from FlashParking and look forward to seeing their new developments soon.

Watch the first edition of Parking Talks with the full discussion here:

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