Gorilla Post Delineators & Bollards Finding Wide Range of Uses

Gorilla Post Delineators and Bollards are durable posts made of polyethylene plastic

New technologies for parking lot equipment often end up with applications not conceived by their developers, as various outside users find solutions that weren't even on the developers' radar when the product was being designed. This has proven true for the Gorilla Post System of Delineators and Bollards, who were designed to serve as traffic guides as well as signposts.

Gorilla Posts have been adopted by many organizations related to parking, and some not related to it at all, to meet their traffic challenges. As more applications are found for these sturdy, versatile products, Gorilla Post Delineators and Bollards will continue to be used in innovative ways. By learning more about Gorilla Posts and the various industries using them, you may find an application for which they are the right fit. What Are Gorilla Posts?

Gorilla Post Delineators and Bollards are durable posts made of polyethylene plastic that are resistant to UV light, ozone and hydrocarbons. The Magnetic base Gorilla Posts have a mounting base with 3 Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets with a pulling power of 380 psi vertical lift.

The base also has a 360° swivel that springs back into an upright position even after a 15 m.p.h. impact. If needed, these posts can hold a variety of 12x18-inch aluminum or plastic signs. They can also be drilled to accommodate front-mounted parking or other signs. Gorilla Post Delineators are 48 inches tall and the delineators come in a 2 1/3-inch diameter tube or a 4-inch Bollard.

Delineators, Signposts,and Bollards, weather in garages or outdoors, come into contact with a lot of environmental hazards, including extreme temperatures. Gorilla Post's design makes them resistant to these environmental hazards, ensuring the longevity of the product. Gorilla Post Delineators come in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, red, white, gray, and black to complement your facility.

In parking garages, Gorilla Post Delineators can have several purposes. They can be used to hold signs informing customers where to drive or park or about safety instructions. Gorilla Post Delineators can be used to direct traffic away from areas under repair or construction. Because they're portable, and temporary, they can also be used to reserve parking spaces by deterring other drivers from parking in certain spaces. New Gorilla Posts designed for outdoor use have greatly broadened the applications for these products. Traditional Gorilla Post products only work on hardscapes, as dirt and ground do not provide a level enough surface for them to deploy. 

Gorilla Post Delineators now come with bases that can be driven into the ground allowing Gorilla Post products to be deployed on any non-surfaced area. Many events such as county fairs, music festivals, and craft shows make use of grass or dirt parking lots. Overflow parking lots are also often located in dirt or grass lots. Gorilla Post products with drivable soil bases allow parking lot managers to better organize their lots and direct traffic, increasing visitor convenience, enjoyment, and safety. Gorilla Post products with drivable soil bases connect to 18-inch-long square tubing which is driven into the soil. The base of the delineator, which sits above ground, remains flexible, allowing the delineator to bend on impact and pop back into place, minimizing damage to the products and vehicles when collision occurs. Because the Gorilla Post Drivable Soil Base option can be pulled from the ground and re-deployed as needed, they are superior to traditional signposts, they're typically anchored in the ground filled with concrete. New Frontiers for Gorilla Posts As Gorilla Post Delineators and Bollards become more popular, they have been showing up in some unexpected places. For example, an important part of our nation's architectural history is protected by a Gorilla Post Delineator. In Florence, Alabama, Gorilla Posts protect a historical home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright by blocking off a portion of its driveway. The Gorilla Posts stand in the driveway of the Rosenbaum House, a classic Usonian home designed by Wright in 1939 for Stanley and Mildred Rosenbaum. The home is often referred to as one of the best examples of Wright's style, and it has a low-hanging cantilevered roof over a portion of the driveway. Modern vehicles are too tall to clear the roof, and incidents have occurred where passersby have hit the roof.

For the Wright house, the Gorilla Post Delineators create a visual barrier that keeps drivers out of the driveway, without distracting from the beauty of the home. The delineators were customized to accommodate the color scheme of the Rosenbaum House. Another great example of unconventional uses of Gorilla Post Delineators is their adoption by big cities such as Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, California, and Houston, Texas, among others, to allow municipal parking officials to hood the meter temporarily blocking off individual parking spaces that use multi-space pay stations.

Municipal parking officials can quickly deploy Gorilla Post Delineators equipped with No Parking Signs to block off parking spots when warranted by special events or infrastructure maintenance needs. Municipal parking officials in a number of cities say that they've enjoyed a high rate of motorist compliance with the posts. A recent unconventional application was to horizontally attach one of the Gorilla Post Delineators directly to the metal body of construction cranes. The Gorilla Post then acts as a pivot rotation indicator to enhance safety at construction work sites. The Gorilla Post System of Products may also have uses in a variety of indoor environments. For trade shows and events, Gorilla Post signposts can be very convenient for blocking off restricted access areas, creating orderly lines and providing a post for important sign information. Because they're lightweight and portable, facilities managers can quickly deploy them and move them as needed. The delineators' flexibility is also helpful, as they can avoid injuring people who may inadvertently run into them and retain their usefulness by snapping back into place. Here's an example of how Gorilla Post Delineators might be used in an indoor environment: Let's say you're hosting a convention at a hotel and need to direct foot traffic to different lines for registration for the event. Gorilla Post Delineators can be used to hold signs marking starting points for lines, or a row of them may be used to separate lines from one another. 

Although several non-traditional uses of Gorilla Post signposts have been found, these devices' main application remains helping parking facilities managers to better configure their garages and lots. Gorilla Post products can help parking garages adapt to predictable ebbs and flows of traffic, allowing them to adjust traffic lanes to best accommodate traffic and avoid bottlenecks. For example, a garage may want to dedicate a middle lane to incoming traffic in the morning when lots of motorists are coming in, and then use it for outgoing traffic at night when patrons are leaving the facility. Optimizing traffic flow will increase your revenue by reducing frustration to grant new customers in your facility and allow patrons who are ready to leave.

Gorilla Posts make reversing lanes quick and easy. It takes just a few minutes to move the posts to reverse the lanes. The posts also have the benefit of being taller and more visible than traffic cones, making them easier for motorists to see. For parking lot managers and event planners who think they may have a great use for Gorilla Post products, ParkingZone can provide sound advice and logistical support. ParkingZone provides more than 1700 varieties of parking lot equipment for private and public parking facilities throughout North America. Serving clients for nearly 30 years, ParkingZone has a reputation for carrying highest quality parking supplies. The company continually stays abreast of trends in the parking industry, adopting the latest technology and products to better serve clients. In addition to selling the best parking lot supplies and equipment, ParkingZone also takes great pride in its customer service. The ParkingZone staff is well-trained in parking customer needs and the latest products, allowing them to give clients qualified advice concerning the best products for their facilities.

About Gorilla Post

Gorilla Post LogoThe Gorilla Post System revolutionized the parking industry by using neodymium magnets to lock the rugged delineators, signposts, and bollards into a precise position. An ergonomic tool lifts the industrial-strength magnets to allow quick, temporary removal of the impact-resistant signposts and delineators. The system's magnetic base plate is ADA-compliant.

Over the years, customers have discovered additional applications for the strong, pedestrian-friendly system at warehouses, loading docks, factory floors, warehouses, amusement parks, sports venues, neighborhood special events, car washes, airports, school lunchrooms, multi-space parking meter installations, and dozens of other places.


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