New Car Park Jana Gayera in Hradec Králové Fully Equipped with GREEN Center Solutions

The Parkovací dům Jana Gayera is a new parking facility built to relieve congestion in the city center.

The multi-story car park Parkovací dům Jana Gayera is located in the historical center of Hradec Králové. Located on the site of the former barracks the parking facility is well placed on one of the main access routes to the city, helping to reduce the traffic load on the busy city center.

There are 284 parking spaces available in the multi-story car park spread on four floors. Some of them are designed for residents and customers using the long-term pre-paid parking option, some of them are reserved for visitors. The car park is also equipped with toilets, reserved parking spaces for natural gas vehicles and electric car charging stations.

The multi-story car park uses GREEN Center’s GP4P Variant parking system. This system ensures not only the entry and exit of vehicles but also the payment of parking fees. Further, it provides solutions for the entry of pedestrians, the charging of electric cars inclusive of the payment for charging and SW administration of long-term users. All installed devices are equipped with intercoms for communication with a remote operator.

Grey tiled wall with two grey toilet doors, one displaying wheelchair user icon and the other a baby changing facility

Entry and exits to the building are equipped with GP4T terminals, GP5B barriers and the GPP LPR system for the recognition of the vehicles' license plates. In addition to the print module and the paper parking ticket reader module, the terminals are also equipped with contactless card readers for long-term parking. There are cameras placed on both the entry and exit for the recording of license plate numbers. This allows drivers to both enter and exit fast and smoothly without the necessity of placing parking cards or tickets to the reader.

Payments can be made in two automatic pay stations GP4M where coins, notes, and payment cards are accepted. The customer can make use of step-by-step video instructions that are shown on the touch display. There is a wide range of tariffs depending on the day, time and duration of stay in the car park. 

Further, the multi-story car park is equipped with two GP4CS electric car charging stations, at each of which two sockets are available for parallel charging of two vehicles. The system of charging is also equipped with the reader of parking cards and parking tickets and, so, the fee can be subsequently paid in the automatic pay station together with the parking fee.

Parking spaces with green floor show electric vehicle icon and EV charging unit stands against the parking garage wall.

Pedestrian access and toilets are secured by the GP4A access units. To enter, a parking card or a parking ticket has to be placed to the unit. This measure reduces the risk of unauthorized entries, vandalism, etc.

For the whole parking system administration, the GPSW software is used. In addition to the basic module, this software is equipped with further applications designed for the administration of license plate numbers, long-term cards for residents and customers using pre-paid parking and discount vouchers for single users. The whole car park administration is performed by the master system (in this case, this is the system of a private operator of Hradec Králové city car parks). Secure interconnection and data flows are enabled via the standard protocol Internal Interface that is a constituent part of the GP4P parking system. 

About GREEN Center GREEN Center

GREEN Center company is the Czech Republic's biggest manufacturer and supplier of automated parking systems. Since the year 1992, we have been offering comprehensive solutions in the area of barrier parking systems. For more than 20 years, we have been working on the development and manufacture of parking systems that are characterized by high quality and reliability, long lifespan, affordability, and unique design. Our manufacturing and development base allows us not only continuous improvement of our products but we are also able to react in a flexible way to all special customers‘ requirements.


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