GREEN Center is introducing a new report - Park Rent Info

Park Rent Info by GREEN Center

Green Center has designed a new extension of the GPSW Report application - “Park Rent Info“. It can be used by all car park operators who rent out a certain number of parking spaces to companies or other entities and they want to be able to monitor whether contractual terms are properly observed.

Park Rent Info is an excellent tool in the situation when the car park operator rents out a car park section that is not bordered and does not have its own entry and exit terminals. The tenant of these parking spaces can be, for example, a company or another larger institution. In this way, these organizations provide their employees or visitors with parking spaces. Company employees use long term parking cards and, therefore, they can be clearly identified by the parking system upon their entry. Visitors, on the other hand, use standard paper parking tickets that are subsequently validated by the tenant and used for leaving the car park free of charge.

In this case, the car park operator has to be certain of the fact that the tenant does not use a higher number of visitors' parking spaces than agreed on in the contract to the detriment of the public users. Therefore, the operator needs a tool displaying the real occupancy of reserved parking spaces.

For this purpose, Green Center has developed the solution Park Rent Info. This application provides statistics on the validation of visitors' parking cards. Upon the visitor's parking card validation by the tenant, this card is indicated as a “visitor's card“ in the parking system from the moment the visitor has entered the car park. So, all time the visitor spends in the car park is recorded. Later, a report of evaluated data covering any period of time is available to the car park operator. This statistics can be clearly displayed by a chart and it can be easily interpreted. Thus, the car park operator can easily check whether the number of cars using the rented out spaces via long term parking cards and the number of visitors are not higher during critical times than agreed on in the contract.

The solution Park Rent Info is suitable for car parks where separated zones for individual tenants cannot be made. For more information on the product, please, contact our Business Department specialists, the email address is

About GREEN Center GREEN Center

GREEN Center company is the Czech biggest manufacturer and supplier of automated parking systems. Since the year 1992, we have been offering comprehensive solutions in the area of barrier parking systems. For more than 20 years, we have been working on the development and manufacture of parking systems that are characterized by high quality and reliability, long lifespan, affordability and unique design. Our manufacturing and development base allows us not only continuous improvement of our products but we are also able to react in a flexible way to all special customers‘ requirements.


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