Dynamic Management of Parking Space Fees

Hectronic's CityLine

With our new module Dynamic Discount for the parking space management software CityLine parking space operators, cities and municipalities can grant discounts off the parking fees for different target groups such as residents or visitors of events. Apart from this, discounts on a defined period of time, the maximum parking time or a particular parking zone can be realized. For this purpose, users either enter their number plates into the parking machine Citea or CiteaPico or identify themselves with parking cards which they simply hold close to the reading device at the housing. Next, the parking machine compares the information with the management software CityLine and automatically grants the discount stored in the system.

Especially in bigger cities with scarce parking space resident parking permits are widespread.
With Dynamic Discount, this solution can be transferred to the digital world. As soon as residents are registered with their number plates in CityLine they can also pay their parking permit at the Citea and CiteaPico. Depending on the default setting different payment intervals are feasible, and the parking permit can be combined with a discount system. Representatives of the public order office can tell from comparing the number plate that the vehicle is rightfully parked.

As with voucher cards, Dynamic Discount allows the use of parking cards in the prepaid system. The card is charged with a particular amount of money or time that users successively use up. Of course, the cards can always be recharged with credit at the terminals Citea and CiteaPico. It is also possible to store discount options on the prepaid card that are automatically considered, thus allowing to differentiate between target groups.

Hectronic can activate the module Dynamic Discount quickly and easily in CityLine. It always depends on the type of terminal used which hardware retrofitting is required.
The CiteaPico from Hectronic only features a card reading device as the model is designed for the cashless and contactless payment with credit or debit cards respectively smartphone. At this reading device, drivers can add credit to their prepaid parking cards or resident parking permits, use them as means of payment or identify themselves as entitled to discount before settling the parking fee. Citea parking ticket machines in the field that are only equipped with coin acceptance can be retrofitted easily and environmentally-friendly with card reading devices. In this way, even the mixed operation of coin and card payment allows manifold applications of the Hectronic Dynamic Discount module.

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