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As a Tradition - Competent and Innovative.

We offer innovative and user-friendly solutions for e-mobility, parking and refuelling. Not matter if payment and authorization systems or monitoring and management of data – our hardware, software and cloud systems ensure forward-looking solutions! With our production site in Bonndorf (Black Forest, Germany), additional subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Poland and India as well as 90 sales and service partners, we guarantee our customers a global expert network.

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Company information

Headquarters location Allmendstr. 15
79848 Bonndorf
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Dr. Herbert Kienzle

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  • Cloud-based Parking Solutions
  • Credit and Debit Card Processing
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Parking Management System
  • Parking Software
  • Parking Ticket System
  • Smart City Solutions
  • Software for Parking Management

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Parking Management Made Easy

Competent, comprehensive, at eye level, and in your vicinity – together with you we set up your perfectly attuned parking space management or extend your existing system. Our solutions from the areas Manage, Authorize, Pay and Surveillance  cover the full spectrum and allow for flexible and individual combination, integration, and scaling. Our smart software solutions complement the proven hardware components and open up new possibilities of economic efficiency and user-friendliness.

As a reliable partner we stand for solutions with added value and invest in the development of new and practicable systems you can rely on – your satisfaction is our goal. For 50 years, solutions from Hectronic have been standing for quality. We wish to keep it that way!



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The web-based management software is your control center. CityLine combines all components of your parking management to one big unit and grows with your requirements. With CityLine you can carry out configurations, retrieve statistics and monitor the components in the field in real time.

Find more about our Management Software CityLine here.


Blonde-haired business woman in blue blouse sits behind a desk and smiles at the camera

Further available CityLine Services yield security of investment and sustainability. They allow for a quick and flexible extension by current features for user-friendly monitoring and convenient payment.

We ensure the highest security and permanent availability by our protected data network.

Find more Information about CityLine Services here.


For you as an operator and parking space user, we offer user-friendly, stationary, and mobile solutions to handle the payment process.

A safe investment, proven thousands of times, and with great flexibility for customization in terms of system, function, and design.

Citea - All You Need for PSP Services

Parking meter in a street with skyscrapers and sunset in the background

Thanks to its modular design and flexible system components the Citea allows for flexible configuration according to your needs and requirements. In the management of gated parking spaces, the Citea can put its advantages as a pay station to full use. You can always rely on excellent quality and reliability. Not the least due to its sturdy aluminum housing the Citea has proven itself thousands of times – cities and municipalities worldwide count on the flexible system.

Find more information about our Parking Ticket Machine Citea here.


CiteaPico – Cashless, Economic, Good. Parking Machine with Head and Foot

Blue parking meter on a street with trees and glass building in background

The future begins now. Here comes the cashless parking machine – a solution with head and foot. Functional, economic, sustainable – corresponds to the “zeitgeist” and fits elegantly into modern cityscapes.

Customers can pay by card or contactlessly with a mobile phone. The user guidance is realized by a large and very robust touch display. Upon successful payment process, the ticket can be issued by SMS or e-mail.

Find more information about our Cashless Parking Machine CiteaPico here.


Front of a German black car

Control of permission to enter and exit made easy: With our ANPR solution, based on automatic number plate recognition, the authorization allows for quick, safe, and economic handling.


CCTV camera and footage of a parking facility

Cloud-based system for parking time surveillance to optimize the utilization of your parking spaces: In real-time by means of camera and/or sensors.

HecSpot - The Decisive Glimpse Ahead

The cloud-based surveillance system HecSpot provides real-time information on the parking space occupancy to your PC or smartphone and valuable forecasts for the parking space occupancy to be expected. This knowledge can be used for controlling the parking search traffic and parking space inspections but also to optimize the economic efficiency of your object, e.g. by a dynamic use of tariffs.

Find more information about our Surveillance System HecSpot here.


24/7 Barrier-Free Charging

With the HecPay, you can conveniently activate your charging points and provide your customers with a barrier-free payment process via credit/debit card, charging card or mobile payment.

With high flexibility and functionality it allows you as the operator of charging points or charging parks the easy upgrading of your existing or the setup of a future-proof charging infrastructure. Via remote access, status messages can be issued and important key figures can be retrieved. This means you always have your charging infrastructure under control.



Find more information about our HecPay here

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