Easy Control of Demarcated Parking Spaces with HecTwin@Cloud Solution

HecTwin@Cloud Solution Communicates with Exit and Entry Terminals Wirelessly

Hectronic’s HecTwin solution has been relaunched and is now located in the cloud. What does that mean? The entry and exit terminals communicate wirelessly making the installation of extensive cabling unnecessary.

In this way it is also possible to provide “online” access to the parking spaces from both an office PC and from a smartphone on the road. Only the access data provided by us for the BackOffice-System CityLine and an internet connection are required for that purpose. The operator can then decide who is entitled to enter a gated parking facility. Unauthorized access to the parking area is a matter of the past. This digital revolution is also reflected by the terminal casing whose visual appearance has changed considerably. A slim casing, made of established materials, has been equipped with an Android tablet, as the user interface, and with an integrated camera as a QR-code scanner.

The fact that we resorted to using an existing housing has allowed us to achieve low purchasing prices and minimize assembly costs. The optimized use of hardware and software enables the operator to achieve a quick return on investment. The many online services also allow for a flexible reaction to altered requirements,” Tilo Krebs, Head of Sales, Parking.

The operating principle of the HecTwin@Cloud solution is based on parking reservations made by the customer and which are confirmed by the operator in the BackOffice system. Comparable to the online check-in at airports, our solution also sends a QR-code directly to the user which can be depicted by the wallet function of the smartphone and used at the entry and exit at the time reserved. For this purpose, the operator records the visitor’s reservation in the system. For the car park user, the benefits are obvious: The reservation is easy, quick, simple and saves time. Above all, however, you can be sure to get a parking space, no matter if on business or on holiday. The stressful search, on-site, is unnecessary. This is an added bonus, especially for hotels, restaurants and owners of private parking spaces.

If the target group primarily consists of long-term parkers, the use of NFC-tags or cards makes even more sense. The relevant medium is allocated to a person and used for entry and exit for an indefinite period of time. When the car approaches the NFC-tag (instead of the smartphone) is held up to the casing. This type of access control is ideally suited for company car parks.

The number plate is an additional identification medium. When a customer drives towards the gated parking space the number plate is recognized by a camera. The barrier in front of the entrance opens automatically and the customer drives to a vacant parking space. This allows for a completely operator-free entry process.

With the HecTwin@Cloud solution customer-specific requirements can be implemented – the installation of further interfaces, e.g. to the customers’ systems, is always possible. The car park operator profits from a simple control of its parking spaces which can be monitored by effective access control. Each entry and exit is displayed in real time. In case the system fails or the terminal must be contacted – no problem! All terminals are equipped with a VoIP intercom system and the barrier can be opened by remote access via the internet at any time.

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Hectronic GmbH is based in Bonndorf in the Black Forest, Germany. The company specializes in developing intelligent system solutions for the parking and refueling sector. Since the foundation of the original company Kienzle, in 1928, Hectronic has developed into an industrial company with operations in many countries. With about 300 staff, 7 sales subsidiaries and around 70 international sales partners around the globe, Hectronic solutions are now successfully marketed all over the world.


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