Parking ticket machines replace parking cards in Częstochowa

- Częstochowa, Poland, EU

Częstochowa, a city in Silisia, the southern area of Poland, is famous for its icon of the Black Madonna. Since 2000 it has also been the headquarters of Hectronic Polska. The city introduced parking charges in the city centre back in the 1990s. To start with, parking wardens sold tickets right on the street, but this did not produce enough revenue for the city treasury.

They were therefore replaced by parking cards, which were sold at newspaper stands and kiosks. Until the end of 2012, all drivers had to mark the date as well as the beginning and end of their parking time on the card. There were cards for 30 minutes or one hour and they were placed behind the windscreen. If drivers wanted to park for longer, they had to line up several cards along the dashboard. This system was not perfect, however, either for the city or the drivers.

It was often inconvenient for drivers to buy a parking card. First they had to find a newsagents and then walk all the way back to their car. For visitors from out of town this was a real problem. And then, in 2012, the city council of Częstochowa decided to introduce parking ticket machine. They put the contract out to tender and Hectronic Polska entered the winning bid In early December 2012, 100 Citea parking ticket machine were installed on the streets of Częstochowa. The meters are a modern version with a solar power supply, GSM modem, alphanumeric keyboard and a choice of five languages. The Cityline software enables simple monitoring of all the installed machines.

About HectronicHectronic

A combination of market experience and technological competence, makes Hectronic the leader in the field of parking management. 50 years ago, the mechanical Kienzle parking meter set the standard for modern technology. This has been replaced by two models of ticket machines. Nowadays Hectronic offers third generation parking management by means of integrated system solutions as well as modern communication and software products.


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