Innova: Municipal Transport and Mobility Companies Are Committed to OCR5 for Public and Private Parking

AMB Renews Its Trust in Innova

- Madrid, ES
Innova Works with AMB and EMT

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB), public administration of the metropolitan territory of Barcelona, has been using SIRAM products for the access control to its headquarters in Barcelona since they were installed in 2011 by Securitas, Innova’s Gold partner in the market of the safety. We are happy to announce that 10 years later, AMB continues to renew its trust in Innova and has updated our SIRAM product to the latest version of SIRAM OCR5 and SIRAM Access Suite.

There are many characteristics that make this long-standing relationship possible. The robustness of the system allows operation with few incidents, the high accuracy rate facilitates enormous reliability in access control, the fact that SIRAM is scalable guarantees the adaptability to any type of installation, and finally, the sustainability of the product - thanks to the use of materials with high durability preserves the environment.

Iman Seguridad, current maintenance company of AMB, has updated the SIRAM user management software for this installation to the latest client / server version and the recognition engine to SIRAM OCR5. As it is a facility where the entry of vehicles of all kinds coexists, from access by workers, suppliers to external visits to the company, it is necessary to have a system that can effectively manage a constantly changing list of authorized people.

AMB Renews Its Trust in Innova

Municipal Companies Bet on INNOVA

Another of the most important municipal entities in Spain, the Madrid Municipal Transport Company (EMT), has the SIRAM license plate recognition for access control in resident car parks and public car parks. In this case, the company that has promoted the Innova product is Siepark, the distributor in Spain of Orbility`s Parking Management Systems, which has been trusting in our brand and in our OCR5 for years.

The confidence shown by the Madrid Municipal Transport Company (EMT), Siepark and Orbility in Innova’s LPR technology for access control in public and resident car parks is a great responsibility. Each project is a great challenge, since each of the car parks has different characteristics, whether in terms of entry/exit angle, lane layout, number of lanes, among other factors. In addition, the high flow of vehicles in the car parks with the highest turnover requires a very fast license plate reading and a high accuracy rate to avoid jammed lanes which can affect the flow of urban traffic. Our license plate recognition software offers an effective response both in terms of management versatility and in preventing any users fraudulent practices. Thanks to the SIRAM Access Control WhiteList system, access control becomes a 100% reliable and safe system for the effective management of parking spaces in resident parking lots.

EMT Bet on Innova


Our SIRAM OCR5 license plate recognition software is based on Deep Learning algorithms, allowing a higher accuracy rate than other technologies in the sector. In addition, thanks to its integration with more than 50 protocols and its quick implementation capacity, it becomes a leading solution for vehicle access control integrated into the different parking management systems and different security platforms.

Innova has evolved its video analysis products by applying the latest Machine Learning technologies, which has allowed us to launch the new range of SIRAM Sustainable Mobility products, which represent a look towards the future of SMART CITIES mobility.

About Innova Systems Group 

Innova's mission is to provide solutions for access control and the management of traffic based on innovative technologies such as the recognition of license plates. It is renowned due to its customer service quality, facilitating the personal and professional growth of its employees, encouraging reconciliation measures, a good work environment, equal opportunities, and generating solid and sustainable benefits. All of this, searching for the common good of society through a policy of corporate social responsibility which helps and generates opportunities for the most disadvantaged, and taking care of the environment.

About Orbility

Orbility LogoWith 50 years of experience and after operating under various well know flags such as Ascom or ACS, Orbility is a world leader in innovative Parking Management Systems. Whatever the size and scope of your project, we have the expertise to ensure that installation is on time and within budget. We supply our solutions to a diverse range of customers around the world (airports, shopping centers, airports, municipalities, public and private operators). From the busiest airports and largest hospitals to smaller, more local off-street services, we can tailor the solution for you.


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