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Parking in the city centre

One simple desire unites car, bus and truck drivers, when it comes to a quick, secure and goal-oriented manner of getting a parking space: well-organized above-ground parking has long been identified as a significant factor for city-life and economic activity. Short distances and easy access save time and energy and are good value to customers and providers in the cities’ central shopping areas, at hubs and along major traffic arteries.

The On-Street-Parking technology is based on this insight but takes an essential step forward regarding the current deficiencies related to everyday parking situations such as long search for parking spots, longer distances, defective parking ticket machines, etc.:
it makes above-ground parking facilities digitally measurable and computable, thereby placing car park management in the hands of both operators and users more directly and effectively than ever.

Sensors embedded in the floor of individual parking spaces register changes in the electrostatic and magnetic field of their environment. Trigger of the change will in this case be a vehicle pulling into or out of the parking space. A super-ordinate module converts the sensor signals into a GPS signal, thus making the parking space information (free/occupied) available to GPS-enabled devices: the customer can spot, reserve and target free parking spaces with the aid of his navigation device, mobile phone or Smartphone before even arriving. Especially for buses and trucks whose access to downtown areas for searching a parking space are mostly restricted whose parking possibilities at rest areas are few, this means a great benefit.

From the operator’s perspective new possibilities of invoicing parking fees via mobile devices arise through the implementation of On-Street Parking. Expenses for paper and maintenance costs are likely to fall significantly just as the expenditure of local governments for monitoring and reminder letters.

MSR-Traffic solutions for outdoor areas:

With the innovative magnetic field sensor technology provided by MSR-Traffic you can guide car drivers to the next free parking space via GPS navigation or modern, dynamic traffic guidance technology.

The wireless sensors are not weather-dependent and have a high detection accuracy. They can be cast in the floor of the parking space flush with the surface, which makes them vandal-proof and protects them from snow-ploughs.

How does it work:

If a vehicle drives onto a parking space the sensor detects the change in the magnetic field and transmits the received signal to the server via radio waves. The evaluation of the data is accomplished by means of a parking guidance system, ticket machine or navigation system.

Many advantages make the system attractive:

  • Precise detection and monitoring of all parking spaces
  • Minimal effort for installation
  • Short pay-back period
  • Reduction of traffic caused by drivers searching for parking spaces
  • Optimized usage of parking spaces
  • Fast and exact billing of parking fees
  • Relief for parking attendants

The German company MSR Traffic GmbH offers sensors that allow both the counting and the single parking space detection of vehicles indoors and outdoors. The young enterprise will present its unique traffic control technology at the Parken 2013” fair (booth 1-E04) in Wiesbaden from 19th to 20th june 2013.

For more information and questions contact:MSR-Traffic

MSR Traffic GmbH
Würdinger Straße 27a | 94060 Pocking

Tel: +49 85 31 9004 0
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