Tattile’s New Concept Aims to Provide Easy Access and Convenient Payment Through a Network of Intelligent Cameras

New Smart Solution for Intelligent Car Park Management Capable of Distinguishing Designated Areas

Tattile’s new concept is to use all vehicle information as an ID for vehicle tracking every time and everywhere within a designated area.

By combining the aggregated data from its intelligent smart cameras, Tattile, as a leading provider of intelligent traffic systems (ITS), undertakes the next logical step in creating added value to its customers. Tattile’s Vega cameras, with artificial intelligence, are able not only to read the number plate but also to identify the vehicle type and color of any given vehicle.

Tattile’s new concept is to use all vehicle information as an ID for vehicle tracking every time and everywhere within a designated area. The concept of a system setup enabling this requires a certain number or Tattile cameras that are connected to a network and cover a designated area such as a huge parking lot. Intelligent Tattile software is then able to analyze and monitor the movement of all identified vehicles in the surveilled area.

On top of that, vehicle access to the area can be controlled since the network can be adjusted to enable access only upon the previously registered number plates and vehicle specifications. Alternatively, following a no-barrier billing philosophy, even non-registered drivers can be identified by the system and billed after their visit. For this, a convenient and driver-friendly implementation of an access platform is to be developed via a smartphone app for Android and/or IoS.

The concept of such a camera-controlled area can best be compared to the network of cell phone masts where each individual phone logs in and can be localized. This comparison makes clear that the concept offers a multitude of advantages and use cases. First of all, access to an area is not mandatory but largely facilitated to the driver once he pre-registered to the system and activated the respective smartphone app. The network recognizes the vehicle and allows access to the site, e.g. a parking lot of an airport or a shopping mall. This already eliminates a lot of steps which are nowadays still considered “normal”, such as long queues at the entrance or toll stations, collecting a printed ticket from the cashier of even asking for a refund e.g. in a shopping center before leaving.

Even more, the concept of a camera network connected to a smartphone app provides a number of additional benefits to both the driver and the operator of the site. Because the system network knows the location of each vehicle it can identify free parking spaces and guide the driver directly through a stationary guidance system with info panels or through an individual mobile solution by a smartphone app. This eliminates long searches for free space and makes the concept even eco-friendly. Vice versa, it helps the driver to find his car again when he intends to leave; a benefit probably all of us already wished to have when we found ourselves searching our car e.g. on a huge airport parking deck.

Furthermore, accesses are registered, monitored and the exact location and the plate number of all the vehicles in the car park are known at any time. Also, the system even allows for segmentation of the area such as designating and charging for premium parking space or to block spaces.

Billing can be executed automatically upon previous registration with plate number and bank details on the website of the site operator; or through the specifically developed smartphone app linked to the bank details of each user. Last but not least, the available data allow generating vehicle profiling statistics on the number of visits and dwelling time which can be used for marketing campaigns addressing frequent visitors or general actions to improve the car park occupancy.

With this concept, Tattile aims to address both potential operators of the new camera network system as well as ITS system integrators with app development skills for concrete development of tailored systems according to the needs of each operator.

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Tattile has developed and produced embedded vision systems and custom-made software for ANPR, for a diversified range of applications, for over 20 years. Tattile offers a wide range of smart cameras powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and capable of meeting the most demanding applications in the mobility market, with a special emphasis on Big Data collection and Smart Cities. Our Traffic Division creates smart cameras for number plate reading (ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and road traffic control, used in innovative Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for tolling, parking, tracking, access control, and enforcement applications.


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