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Innovation and excellence will be rewarded at the world’s largest trade fair for the traffic infrastructure, management, safety, parking and smart mobility sectors (5-8 April 2016, RAI Amsterdam), when the winners of the 2016 Intertraffic Innovation Awards will be announced. An international jury has scrutinized 91 potential candidates and after careful analysis and intense consideration has shortlisted 15 final entries. Acknowledging Intertraffic’s traditional remit, awards will be presented in five categories – Infrastructure, Traffic Management, Safety, Parking, and Smart Mobility. One of these five winners will then be chosen as the overall winner of the 2016 Intertraffic Innovation Award. The Awards will be presented on 5 April during the opening ceremony of Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016.

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Shortlisted companies in the category Infrastructure:

► Silca Traffic Systems Europe B.V. (The Netherlands) – Quick-Cube – Stand 05.345

The Silca Quick-Cube is a mobile highway light. The product can be used for roadworks, events and security. The dimensions are very small, therefore it is possible to transport more than 30 units on one trailer. The Quick-cube uses LED lamps and is completely self-supporting, with a run time of more than 60 working hours. It is also possible to add solar panels. The nine-meter mast moves up and down hydraulically.

► Aisico Srl (Italy) – ADD_C – Stand 01.337

The product allows automatic assessment of infrastructure surfaces degradation by means of high-speed vehicles or UAVs (drones). The extraction of regions from images acquired by DL Scan Camera and degradation maps, made by the ADD_C Software for automatic recognition and classification of defects, represent an important step forward in the assessment of the maintenance process of road pavements.

► HR Groep (The Netherlands) – Smart Ultimate Lighting – Stand 01.409

Smart Ultimate Lighting is an illuminating foil with imprinted energy storage and imprinted sensors. The foil is used on information carriers, illuminated signs for example. This innovation has two special characteristics: 1. The illuminating layer ensures that the foil lights up. 2. The sensors in the foil make the product ‘smart’.

Jury member Colin Sowman summarizes the trends in the Infrastructure entries:

“This year’s entries not only include innovations enabling existing tasks to be undertaken more efficiently and with a greater environmental focus, but also some offering radically different ways of traffic and infrastructure management. While each offers benefits for transport authorities, weighing the relative merits of each of the entries has been an interesting and challenging task and I think there are some good contenders for the overall winner. But I have yet to hear the other judges’ contenders.”

Shortlisted companies in the Traffic Management category:

► Houston Radar (USA) – SpeedLane – Stand 11.123

SpeedLane is a state-of-the-art true dual beam, ultra low power, side fire radar. It is designed to accurately detect lane, speed and class of individual vehicles and compute per lane volume, occupancy, gap, average speed, 85th percentile and headway parameters. It mounts easily on a pole utilizing stainless steel straps, and can be used for both temporary and permanent installations.

► APM PRO sp. z o.o. (Poland) – OnDynamic – Stand 11.531

OnDynamic is an intelligent framework of maintenance-free Bluetooth sensors and specialized software. It can provide an innovative live automatic system calibration and is easy to install at roadsides. It is the first multimodal system to supply real-time data concerning travel time, average section speed, and traffic problems, as well as pollution, atmospheric status, and road surface conditions.

► Ortana (Turkey) – Ortana Meteos 251 – Stand 11.101

Without a need to install road embedded sensors, Ortana overhead non-intrusive multi-sensor-systems with specially designed optical lenses have integrated optical, near-infrared and laser technology to identify all road conditions, including surface temperature, water film height, ice layer thickness, road status, ice percentage, freezing temperature, snow height and friction.

Jury member Tom Stone shares his view on the Traffic Management entries:

“Traffic management has attracted a vast amount of innovation in recent months. A host of technologies, from Bluetooth sensors to Lidar cameras, have rapidly become more streamlined and more affordable, enabling their deployment in ever-wider contexts in the world of transport. The entries in the Traffic Management category for this year’s Intertraffic Innovation Awards reflect this. Furthermore they show that, as technology reaches ever greater levels of market penetration, new ways to access and analyse data have been developed to capitalise on this growth. The amount of new hardware and software at the disposal of traffic managers is greater than ever before, resulting in a world where transport assets can be utilised with ever-greater efficiency, for the benefit of society as a whole.”

Shortlisted companies in the category Safety:

► EBO van Weel (The Netherlands) – Vehicle mounted VMS – Stand 01.339

During incident management the vehicle-mounted VMS improve safety for motorists, road workers and road supervisors. With 13 accidents in 2014 involving vehicles of road supervisors, increased safety in this area is certainly required. Therefore, this system enables control all functions of the vehicle with an app on a tablet from a distance till 100m, for example from a safe zone alongside the road.

► WheelRight Ltd (United Kingdom) – WheelRight Tyre Condition Management – Stand 10.321

WheelRight's Drive-Through Tyre Management solution measures tyre pressure, vehicle weight and the tread depth around the circumference of the tyres as the vehicle drives over road mounted sensors. Easy to use, with no equipment to fit to the vehicle, WheelRight measures every vehicle from day one, instantly identifying the vehicle and reporting any problems. Saves time, fuel, tyres, and money.

► Safer Place (Israel) – SaferTraffic Platform – Stand EL.209

The only video-based technology platform to efficiently detect and enforce all high-risk traffic and parking violations. The unified platform is modularly deployed and easily installed in a wide range of devices based on existing infrastructure. The platform is backed by a suite of easy to use applications and significantly improves road safety for pedestrians and drivers.

Jury chairman Peter van der Knaap comments on the Safety entries:

“There were many entries this year in the Safety category: over 30! Apart from innovations in products that are there to improve the safety of the road user, several entries seek to improve the safety of road construction and emergency workers. This reflects the interest in preventing the often serious incidents in this field. In addition, products that make our traffic safer are increasingly smart and connected. This allows for greater efficiency and effectiveness.”

Shortlisted companies in the category Parking:

► Park Assist LLC (USA) – M4 Smart-Sensor System – Stand 03.203

A Park Assist camera based M4 smart-sensor system puts processing intelligence right at the parking-space level. Each individual sensor has the ability to stream surveillance video to a video management system, while also sending rich data for our integrated License Plate Recognition (LPR) and occupancy tracking.

► HR Groep B.V. (The Netherlands) – MB multilayer parking – Stand 01.409

The multilayer bike parking system varies from all existing systems. Major differences are that the bike will stay in a horizontal position from the floor until it is placed into his holder in the second layer, so it is easy to use for everybody. Height of the system is lower than the existing parking stands due to a unique parking system were bikes can be parked under an angle on the first.

► Parkmobile Group (The Netherlands) – RingGo – Stand 02.105

RingGo, a cashless parking solution and part of the Parkmobile Group, enables motorists to check parking space availability in central London, directly navigate towards and pay for the available space. The product uses a unique algorithm that links anonymous historical parking data with real-time sensor information from the parking bays. So search, navigate and pay.

Jury member Peter Martens shares his opinion on the Parking entries:

“Discussions about parking move more and more from operations to accessibility of urban areas and customer information. Proper parking management and customer information help cities to reduce car traffic in central areas and to achieve environmental targets while keeping the city alive. Many entries at Intertraffic are supportive in those policies by gathering access information (i.e. routing and pricing) and actual availability of parking facilities and transfer those into guidance information to enable visitors to make the best choice for their specific visits.”

Shortlisted companies in the category Smart Mobility:

► Parkmobile Group (The Netherlands) – ParkNow – Stand 02.105

ParkNow, in cooperation with BMW and the Parkmobile Group, offers a Premium Parking Experience using the car’s dashboard. ParkNow is the first company to implement paying for a parking location and reserving a parking spot using the car’s dashboard. Park, pay and reserve using in car technology is no longer something of the future but something for today!

► CROSS Zlín, a.s. (Czech Republic) – InVipo – Stand 10.111

InVipo is a smart integration and visualization platform that can be defined as a middleware between on-field technology and end-users. It focuses on data aggregation, monitoring, visualization and integration in smart cities and ITS projects.

► Siemens AG (Germany) – Sitraffic SiBike – Stand 11.209

Sitraffic SiBike is an infrastructure free bike prioritization system per smartphone App. As soon as a bicyclist with the running smartphone App approaches the intersection, a virtual trigger point is activated. The control center then activates the command to give or extend the green time to traffic lights. All trigger points are purely software-based and don’t require roadside infrastructure.

Jury member Ben Rutten gives his take on the Smart Mobility entries:

“Compared to the 2014 Innovation Award there were more entries this year in the Smart Mobility category. Apart from innovations in smart mobility products there were several entries in the upcoming IoT (Internet of Things) area. This reflects the interest in taking ITS to the next level of automation and scaling opportunities like we know from the Internet world. Making products smart allowing them to connect to the Internet allows for greater efficiency for authorities and easy use for citizens on either traffic flow solutions or ease of use and increasing travel comfort.”

The 2016 jury consists of:

  • Dr. Peter van der Knaap (Chairman of the Jury) – Managing Director of SWOV – Institute for Road Safety Research, The Netherlands
  • Colin Sowman – Editor, ITS International, Route One Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Peter H. Martens – Member of the Advisory Council of Directors, European Parking Association (EPA) and Vexpan, The Netherlands
  • Tom Stone – Editor, Traffic Technology International, UKIP Media & Events Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Ir. B.J.C.M. (Ben) Rutten – Program Manager, Strategic Area Smart Mobility Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

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