Multiple Application Options of PanStreet Traffic Monitoring System

PanStreet International was in the position to develop a new app for the Düsseldorf carnival procession.

The company PanStreet International belonging to the Schweers group based in Meerbusch in the German Federal State of North-Rhine-Westphalia and has an excellent reputation because of its company software branded as Politess® Mobile. This software is primarily used for the detection of parking violations and for the recording of general offences and site inspections.

Due to the option of the integrated GPS location determination, PanStreet International was in the position to develop a new app for the Düsseldorf carnival procession on 20 February 2023. By means of this app an active mobile device could periodically send GPS location data about the course of the procession, as well as images created directly on the mobile device, automatically to the central organization office of the carnival procession in Düsseldorf. This project was very successful. There are, thus, manifold options for the application of the software Politess® Mobile for Android & iOS from the company PanStreet International including event and traffic flow monitoring. In this way, the software makes a considerable contribution to counteracting or averting a traffic collapse, especially in conurbations.

About PanStreet International PanStreet International

In 1988, Schweers developed and manufactured the very first handheld mobile computer with an integrated printer designed for parking enforcement. Now, 30 years and 1,200 municipal customers later, our success is still based on the same fundamental principles. Innovation, ingenuity, quality, and long term goals are the foundation of Schweers' success. By working hand in hand with our customers and partners, we are able to empower each other and find mutually beneficial solutions. From working together, customers in the USA benefit from the lessons learned in Australia, and those in Australia learn from solutions developed in the United Arab Emirates, and thus the circle continues. At Schweers we believe that common goals can only be reached through extensive collaboration.


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