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Michael Schweers has over 30 years’ experience with hundreds of municipal parking and traffic enforcement departments worldwide. Michael is the founder of PanStreet International/Schweers Group, formed in 1988 to develop, manufacture and support automated hand-held enforcement solutions around the world.

By working hand in hand with our customers and partners, we are able to empower each other and find mutually beneficial solutions. Each customer is important. And no two customers are alike. Each city has their own laws and regulations, so each enforcement solution needs to reflect these differences.

Customization of software is our speciality to fulfil each municipality’ and clients’ need.

"Correct enforcement ensures the respect of parking, environment and other regulations leading to improved public safety, increased traffic flow and increased availability of legal parking spaces."
– Michael Schweers, CEO and founder of PanStreet International –

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Headquarters location Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 18
40670 Meerbusch
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  • ANPR Solutions
  • General Offenses Solutions
  • Mobile Enforcement Application
  • Parking Enforcement Solutions

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Enforcement App

We Build Enforcement Solutions

Schweers transforms Android devices into powerful enforcement tools enabling the parking operation to quickly, efficiently and securely enforce the law. Completely modular in design offering a tailored approach to each operation from basic enforcement to layered complexity. Web based, hosted and integrated with multiple third party providers as well as internal city data bases.

LPR scanning converts the Android handheld into a fast, mobile LPR device.

LPR functionality is integrated with our enforcement app enabling the officer to capture license plates and perform immediate lookups with 3rd party providers. Scan a license plate and automatically check for pay-by-phone, pay-by-plate, scofflaw, permit, overtime. Fast, accurate, efficient.

Less data entry, less errors, greater officer productivity.

Politess GO

Politess GO

Schweers converts Android smartphones into a powerful mobile LPR scanning device. Completely integrated with our Politess Mobile software and Politess Web Office software. Capture license plates and perform immediate online look-ups with 3rd party providers i.e. Pay-by-Phone, Pay-by-Plate, digital permitting providers, real-time scofflaw, stolen vehicle lists, etc. by using the camera and our innovative software. Schweers empowers your Parking Enforcement Operations.

No more manually entering the plate. Fast, efficient and accurate our LPR handheld App drastically reduces the time needed to determine compliance. In both list mode and individual plate mode the officer can launch an immediate online query to 3rd party providers to receive plate status. The officer quickly receives real time status of the plate and determines if a ticket is warranted. Checks can be made against multiple 3rd party providers in parallel.

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Enforcement Hardware

Loaded with our powerful Politess App these rugged Android devices are built to withstand the harsh conditions and are ready for true field work. Paired with a WiFi-connected robust mobile printer, tickets can be printed, left for the driver, and uploaded in real-time to the back office for processing. The city is able to mix Android devices within one enforcement solution in order to accommodate the different needs of your staff. We have partnered with Zebra and RugGear, an award winning German smartphone manufacturer, in order to offer your operation durable, professional and field ready devices.

We are also able to install our enforcement app on any Android device. We pair it with a robust printer and your officers are ready to issue tickets. For 30 years, our team has created enforcement solutions for towns and cities of all sizes. Because we do all our own development work, we can work with any hardware to create a total solution for your operation.

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