Schweers Group Very Optimistic for the Future

Very Successful Despite Pandemic: PanStreet International/Schweers Attracts the Attention of Fair Visitors

Intertraffic 2022 – Schweers group very optimistic for the future

The scenario was no different from the situation before the pandemic – the fair visitors did not wear masks, there were no strict safety rules, and people greeted each other with a handshake. Quite a few visitors from abroad were probably astonished in view of the situation at the Intertraffic 2022 in Amsterdam. In 2020, Intertraffic was canceled due to Corona, and the whole world was in a depressed mood. Now, we had exactly the opposite situation at Intertraffic 2022. The returned enthusiasm of the exhibitors and visitors was clearly noticeable. 50 years Intertraffic – this anniversary contributed in particular to the optimism at the world’s leading trade fair dealing with the full range of products and services in the mobility sector.

The company PanStreet Int’l/Schweers stands especially for this optimism. It is due to the strong team spirit and motivation that the Schweers group mastered the pandemic successfully. The PanStreet Int’l/Schweers team was in a position to convince visitors that it continues to be extraordinarily ambitious to provide state-of-the-art digital solutions as well as to guarantee innovative and sustainable product development.

Pam Arian, Director of Brand Awareness and Client Development of our US branch, described her impressions regarding Intertraffic 2022 in the following way "Customers and colleagues are in a particularly good mood. They missed getting together within the last two years. All visitors at our booth got the impression that, despite the pandemic, our whole team, while working in a home office or in safe rooms, was busy further developing the products of our company. Now, our fair visitors are interested in the products we bring to market."

Very successful despite pandemic: PanStreet International/Schweers attracts the attention of fair visitorsThe particularly good atmosphere at Intertraffic 2022 did not only contribute to the great satisfaction of the company owner and Managing Director Michael Schweers. At the end of the trade fair, he stressed with emphasis the high motivation of the PanStreet Int’l/Schweers team. "Intertraffic 2022 is over, but we already have in mind Intertraffic 2024. I am absolutely convinced that all people who participated at the fair agree with me that our company continues to provide optimal and operational services. After almost three years, I really enjoyed the feeling to get direct feedback from our customers again and to see and speak in person with our colleagues from the USA and Denmark as well as with our partners, customers, and potential customers from all over the world. What I want to express is that it was really great! Thank you very much that we could make this experience. I express my and our thanks to the whole team at the fair, but also to the team in the office and in the home office”, Michael Schweers declared.

Impressions at Intertraffic of the Schweers/PanStreet Int’l Team

Visitors from all over the world showed a remarkable interest in the Schweers group’s products and services. For example, there were visitors from Mexico and even a parliamentary delegation from Curaçao. Among the visitors at the booth of the Schweers group, there were, furthermore, long-standing partners, especially from Arabic and Asian countries. Stephan Meiser, our company’s Project Manager, declared with great pleasure 'I was able to make use of my whole language skills today when talking with the visitors at our trade-fair booth!" Stephan Meiser masters six languages fluently. Peter Fehling, Sales Manager of the Schweers group, was also very satisfied having the opportunity again to meet customers and interested parties of our company at the world's largest traffic exhibition.

Torben Andersen, Project Manager of Schweers Consult GmbH Nordic located in Copenhague has already been five times at the IntertrafficTorben Andersen, Project Manager of Schweers Consult GmbH Nordic located in Copenhague has already been five times at the Intertraffic. At the fair in Amsterdam, he noted the great enthusiasm of the customers who actually showed interest. Furthermore, he remarked, "At  Intertraffic there are many different people with many different approaches.” He added that Corona was no problem in the traffic industry. 'Our fortune is that we have another customer, the cities. They do not have the problems like private companies", Torben Andersen explained and went on to say "The need for enforcement still exists. In contrast with Germany, there is no sign that in Denmark issuance of tickets was lower due to the pandemic." According to Torben Andersen, regarding the interest of the customers, there was a focus on the new WebOffice version of the Schweers group, the development of the company’s LPR systems, and the connection of the company’s external camera systems. Furthermore, Torben Andersen noted a great interest of the customers in the new version of our product Politess Mobile for iOS and Android devices.

At Intertraffic 2022, our company also emphasized its commitment in terms of innovative solutions, sustainability, and ecological management by co-operation at its booth with the company EasyMile which presented one of its electric autonomous buses at the fair. These buses are already in use in Germany, among others on the basis of a common project with Schweers at the Areal Böhler in Meerbusch-Büderich as well as in the framework of projects of the company EasyMile in Berlin, Monheim on the Rhine, Bad Birnbach, Kelheim and Iserlohn.

Many visitors to the trade-fair booth were surprised that the autonomous buses are already beyond the pilot phase and are even used all over the world. Fabian Schäfer, Sales Manager for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe of the company EasyMile was very glad about the co-operation at the trade-fair booth with the Schweers group and about the great interest of the trade-fair visitors.

In conclusion, it can be noted that our team was encouraged by the very good mood in the traffic sector which became evident at the Intertraffic 2022 and we are very optimistic and solidly positioned for the future.

About PanStreet International PanStreet International

In 1988, Schweers developed and manufactured the very first handheld mobile computer with an integrated printer designed for parking enforcement. Now, 30 years and 1,200 municipal customers later, our success is still based on the same fundamental principles. Innovation, ingenuity, quality, and long term goals are the foundation of Schweers' success. By working hand in hand with our customers and partners, we are able to empower each other and find mutually beneficial solutions. From working together, customers in the USA benefit from the lessons learned in Australia, and those in Australia learn from solutions developed in the United Arab Emirates, and thus the circle continues. At Schweers we believe that common goals can only be reached through extensive collaboration.


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