Park Your Truck: Making a Difference, One Parking Space at a Time

The Only Way Out Is Through, Let’s Do It Together

Park Your Truck plans to electrify 200 sites for last-mile transport and 13 sites per year for 40-tonne trucks across Europe.

Just like any other company, the initial days were a bit tricky for Park Your Truck during the pandemic. Fortunately, the period of the pandemic resulted in a significant increase in the number of available parking spaces that the Company had been unsuccessfully trying to secure for years.

The closure of trade fairs, stadiums, and airports created an opportunity for Park Your Truck to offer these spaces to their parking customers. This positive experience motivated Park Your Truck to continue to provide these spaces even after the pandemic, resulting in a mutually beneficial situation for everyone.

The CEO Denise Schuster said: “My personal belief is that it is unnecessary to develop new areas for truck parking as there is al ready enough sealed space in the market that we can utilize. Although these areas may be occupied during the day, they are often unoccupied at night when there is the greatest need for parking”. Also, during a brief conversation, Ms. Schuster highlighted that their approach is well-received by landowners, who understand the benefits of repurposing existing spaces for marketing purposes.

Park Your Truck has its headquarters in Germany with two offices located there, and has expanded its operations to the UK, France, Spain, and Italy with its own company in each country. Currently, the company employs a total of 13 individuals and Ms. Schuster, as the founder, is personally available to all employees every day. This is of great importance, as their unique employee structure and hiring philosophy is centered around only hiring individuals over the age of 50 and exclusively those who are personally known to the staff or recommended by other employees. The wealth of experience and knowledge that the employees of Park Your Truck bring from their previous careers, even if they were in different industries, is a valuable asset.

Going down the lane Ms. Schuster aims to address the challenges posed by climate change through their parking spaces by providing not only parking solutions but also charging and refueling options for vehicles using alternative fuels such as bio-LNG and hydrogen at their car parks.

Already knowing the fact MAKING A DIFFERENCE, ONE PARKING SPACE AT A TIME' that this endeavor requires significant investments, which Park Your Truck is currently pursuing investors for, the Company looks forward to the utilization of clean electricity as independent of the grid as possible.

In other news, Park Your Truck has already implemented solar roofs to cover their areas and hired new employees with expertise in the energy market to further develop their car parks. In the upcoming year, Park Your Truck plans to electrify 200 sites for last-mile transport and 13 sites per year for 40-tonne trucks across Europe.

Lastly, the Company is also expanding its reservation system to make the charging stations reservable for their customers, and various developments that will enable the company to play a part in promoting sustainable transportation practices.

About Park Your Truck 

Park Your Truck GmbH (formerly known as UnserParkplatz GmbH) was founded in August 2013. Initially, it started as an online platform for sharing car parking spaces. After one year, they left this market and turned their attention to solving the truck parking problem.

Initially, they pragmatically acquired 1,000 truck parking spaces at gas stations and rest areas for reservation through our portal and simply tried to offer them to truck drivers. In 2015, with the technical implementation of the platform, they won Phase 1 of the Horizon 2020 EU competition, which had 8,400 participants from all over Europe. They utilized the EU-funded feasibility study as the largest primary market research in the field of truck parking, and the insights from it laid the foundation for their current new reservation platform,


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