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We Improve the Working Conditions of Truck Drivers

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We pragmatically acquired 1,000 truck parking spaces at gas stations and truck stops for a reservation via our portal and simply tried to offer these to truck drivers. With the technical implementation of the platform, we then won phase 1 of the Horizon 2020 EU competition in 2015 from 8,400 participants from all over Europe. We used the EU-funded feasibility study to conduct the largest primary market research into truck parking, and the insights from it formed the cornerstone of our new reservation platform,

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We Bring Green Charging To Your Parking Spaces

Green charging on pre-storage and parking areas is the prerequisite for the green transport turnaround in logistics. Because these areas are the most important prerequisite for CO2-neutral logistics. The development of charging infrastructure, refuelling facilities for alternative fuels at these locations can be well integrated into the existing processes of freight forwarders. In addition, these future urban logistics hubs offer services for truck drivers for their better supply, as well as transfer possibilities to smaller transporters for the delivery of the last mile. Our reservation system allows for intelligent planning of stand/loading locations and times.

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Headquarters location Kühnauer Str. 24
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Park Your Truck is our answer to your approaching and waiting traffic in your logistic hubs near Venlo:

  • We offer 350 daytime truck parking spaces exclusively at the Truckparking Venlo parking site,
  • Your delivery traffic can use this parking area for waiting before or after your ramp procedure,
  • The system is straightforward: you reserve the number of trucks that daily need to wait outside your logistic yard: daily 10 trucks for 1,500 € per month, 20 trucks for 2,900 € per month, 30 trucks for 4,300 € per month…,
  • We put big signs in front of the 2 entries to the site, where your drivers can authorize through a QR-code and your booking reference e.g. and get free access to the parking area,
  • At the parking area, they can use the toilets, showers, and the excellent restaurant.

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Park Your Truck is the biggest parking space operator in Europe with more than 20,000 parking spots. Our solution for your delivery traffic helps to increase the working conditions of your drivers and stops the wild parking in the industrial areas. Please contact us for discussing your pregating need in Venlo or elsewhere.

Park Your Truck GmbH

Denise Schuster


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  • Parking Operators
  • Reservation / Pre-Booking Systems

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Do Trucks Also Park Wildly in Your Commercial Area?

With our reservation portal for night parking, we mainly solve the problems of freeway drivers who cannot find a parking space on the freeway. According to our survey of 400 truck drivers, commercial areas like to be the alternative when they cannot find a parking space on the highway. However, there are already a lot of delivery trucks in the commercial area that actually have to get to the area and are too early or too late. Thus, we have the same problem with wildly parked trucks in almost every municipality near the highway with a commercial area. The mass of trucks in commercial centres not only creates enormous waste, but also massively impedes public transport and delivery processes.

Park Your Truck has developed a special solution for municipalities. On the one hand, the delivery trucks are pre-stowed on parking areas in the industrial park until they are ready for delivery and, on the other hand, the freeway drivers find a secure parking space at night.

We use our existing booking platform and our new Timeslot booking software to direct and manage the delivery and highway traffic.

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We Turn Space Owners Into Truck Parking Operators

The secret of our success is the acquisition of over 120 space owners in Germany, whom we have turned into truck parking operators with our simple concept.

If you too have an open space on your company premises, haulage yard, filling station, car yard, truck workshop, trade fair, stadium, port or airport that you do not need temporarily or permanently, we look forward to receiving your call.

We Make Grene Logistics Possible

Climate change and the associated reduction in CO2 emissions create a strong pressure to act on all logistics players:

  • Driving bans for fossil-fuelled trucks in city centers are spreading.
  • Truck manufacturers and haulage companies must switch their offerings to locally emission-free vehicles.

However, while the supply of hydrogen and battery-powered trucks is increasing, there is a lack of plannable, publicly accessible charging infrastructure or alternative fuels such as hydrogen, BIO-LNG/CGN and the safe reservation of charging stations for the forwarding companies. This is where Charge Your Truck comes in.

OUR SOLUTION: WE CREATE THE PRECONDITIONS FOR GREEN CHARGING.icon showing a green globe with a charger

The presentation of the Eco Performance Awards 2021 has further strengthened our role as a pioneer of green logistics in Europe. We enable the construction of a green truck charging infrastructure throughout Europe and cover the entire value chain with our offer. For space owners, we design and organize hydrogen/electric charging systems, BIO LNG and CNG filling stations on their spaces, thereby upgrading their parking spaces and directing them to drivers via our intelligent parking lot management system to ensure utilization.

We turn area owners into truck parking operators and even more, we convert sealed areas into multi-user areas. What is unique about our concept is that we can meet the needs of different user groups in our areas. We offer long-term parkers long-term parking options, delivery traffic in the commercial area a fully equipped pre-storage area, night parkers safe parking and charging options for pre-booking and last-mile traffic, as well as municipal traffic on the area, the optimal starting point for CO2-neutral city logistics. Because the areas can also be used as a logistics hub for reloading and consolidating goods for the last mile. Custom-fit green charging or We supply the tank infrastructure directly.

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