Park Your Truck Opens an Innovative Multi-User Parking Space in Wolfsburg

As a regional motorway, the A39 is a central hub for local transport in Wolfsburg and the surrounding areas

Our aim is not only to meet the needs of different user groups but also to actively contribute to addressing the climate change challenges in the logistics industry. Let‘s take a look at our sustainable solutions and the diverse offerings this unique car park has to offer.

Motorways as Central Access Points

Direct access to several major trunk roads makes the car park a central hub for drivers, long-distance lorry drivers, and local transport in the region. Let‘s take a look at the motorways that surround our parking area:

A2 Motorway

The A2 motorway, also known as the „east-west axis“, is one of the most important long-distance roads in Germany. It stretches from Oberhausen in the west to Berlin in the east, thus connecting the Ruhr region with the capital. Wolfsburg is strategically located on the A2 and is thus an important transit point for freight traffic. Many long-distance lorry drivers use this motorway to transport goods and products across Germany.

A7 Motorway

The A7 motorway is one of the longest motorways in Germany and runs from Flensburg in the north to Füssen in the south. It is an important part of the European north-south connection and a major route for international freight traffic. Wolfsburg is located on the A7 and is therefore a central point for drivers traveling on this motorway.

image of a facility building at Wolfsburg parking

Support for Local Traffic

In addition to long-distance traffic, our car park also plays an important role in local traffic. As a regional motorway, the A39 is a central hub for local transport in Wolfsburg and the surrounding areas. Last-mile drivers, municipal transport, and e-car drivers will find secure and reservable charging and parking facilities at our site. The proximity to the A39 makes our car park an ideal place to go for drivers who want to plan their tours in the region and make them efficient.

Sustainability for the Climate Change in the Logistics Industry

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. As part of the logistics industry, we at Park Your Truck have recognized that we too must make our contribution. With our new car park in Wolfsburg, we want to show that sustainable solutions and economic action can go hand in hand. By combining the spaces of several user groups and relying on sustainable technologies, we want to reduce land consumption and minimize the environmental impact.

Space Improvement

Our previous concept was that our parking areas were mainly used for parking and pre-storage. We are now radically changing that. The expansion of the areas into so-called multi-user areas is the first step towards sustainability. These spaces will no longer be used purely for parking but will offer a variety of services and amenities.

parking space in Wolfsburg

Sustainable Energy Supply

To meet the needs of our users, we are planning and implementing various energy infrastructures at our new car park in Wolfsburg. These include e-charging columns for night charging and fast charging for electric vehicles. Wherever possible, we are roofing the car parks with PV systems in order to be able to produce the necessary electricity for the charging infrastructure partially self-sufficiently on site. This allows us to cover a large part of our energy needs from renewable sources and minimize CO2 emissions.

Comfort and Service for Drivers and Users

Focusing on the needs of our users is particularly important to us. That‘s why we are adding a wide range of amenities to our Wolfsburg car park to make drivers‘ stay as pleasant as possible. In addition to barriers and a QR code system for automatic access, we offer showers, toilets, coffee and snack machines, and outdoor seating. Free Wi-Fi will allow riders to stay in touch and relax. In addition, there will be outdoor fitness equipment and barbecue areas to create a healthy and cozy atmosphere.

New Target Groups

Through the versatile services, we not only appeal to our existing users but also tap into new target groups. Last-mile drivers will find safe and reservable charging and parking facilities with us, municipal transports can charge their vehicles, and e-car drivers will find quick-charging columns and battery exchange facilities. Our parking areas thus become a one-stop shop for different vehicle types and uses.

Simple Booking and Flexible Offer

Our own booking system allows drivers and dispatchers to conveniently control space allocation. Spontaneous customers also have the option of using our spaces to efficiently organize their logistics processes.

parking space in Wolfsburg

Do You Want to Be Part of Our Sustainable Vision?

If you are interested in having one of your spaces operated by Park Your Truck as a multi-user space, or if you have a need for spaces for your logistics processes and requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can make an important contribution to climate change in the logistics industry and increase the attractiveness of the profession of long-distance driver.

We look forward to your call and to welcoming you to our new car park in Wolfsburg!

Contact Park Your Truck to discuss your parking needs in Wolfsburg or elsewhere:

Denise Schuster | Founder and CEO

René Stahl | Managing Director
+49 171 9196117

About Park Your Truck 

Park Your Truck GmbH (formerly known as UnserParkplatz GmbH) was founded in August 2013. Initially, it started as an online platform for sharing car parking spaces. After one year, they left this market and turned their attention to solving the truck parking problem.

Initially, they pragmatically acquired 1,000 truck parking spaces at gas stations and rest areas for reservation through our portal and simply tried to offer them to truck drivers. In 2015, with the technical implementation of the platform, they won Phase 1 of the Horizon 2020 EU competition, which had 8,400 participants from all over Europe. They utilized the EU-funded feasibility study as the largest primary market research in the field of truck parking, and the insights from it laid the foundation for their current new reservation platform,



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