Parker Technology: Client Story - CampusParc at the Ohio State University

The Ohio State University and Parker Technology shines as a testament to the transformative power of commitment, transparency, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

When it comes to university parking, a positive customer experience is imperative, while ensuring everyone is parking where they are supposed to.

This is especially important at The Ohio State University as they have a wide variety of parkers daily. Students, faculty, employees, and visitors all park on campus every day. That is a lot to keep track of.

That’s why it’s so important that drivers park in the correct designated areas and have a good experience doing it.

CampusParc at The Ohio State University is the parking operator for one of the largest campus parking systems in the country and is responsible for overseeing all parking assets, including maintenance and operation of the parking facilities. They work hard to facilitate an easy and efficient parking experience for every university community member.

Karen Hartley, IT Project Manager at CampusParc, shared her first-hand experience with implementing our customer service solution at the university.

Project Background

University parking comes with unique challenges, and Karen expressed that Ohio State had quite a few unique challenges they had to overcome.

Ohio State’s parking facilities cater to a diverse audience, from students to medical professionals, to faculty. Karen acknowledged the nuanced nature of their business rules and the need for adaptability. “We have a 24/7 parking operation with a wide variety of customers and we want them all to have a great experience,” Karen said.

The commitment exhibited by our team throughout the sales cycle was one of the main reasons CampusParc chose to embark on this journey. We showed that we could handle the complexities thrown our way.

Another member of the CampusParc team had also cultivated a relationship with us over many years. Pilot programs and testing phases had been conducted, laying the foundation for trust.

Karen reflected on this period, “There was definitely commitment from Parker to stay with us and that’s why it ended up being signed.

That commitment is why CampusParc at The Ohio State University implemented the Parker Technology solution.

Key Benefits

When our implementation team stepped in, we faced a unique challenge. Ohio State’s parking operations were inherently complex, yet we not only embraced this complexity but also brought our invaluable experience to the table. We worked diligently to simplify processes and provide insights that CampusParc hadn’t considered.

Karen acknowledges our dedication during implementation.

Parker was able to implement the complexity of our operations and provided expertise where we could simplify and most importantly, pointed out things we didn’t consider. Not only did they take our complexity and deal with it, but they also brought their experience to the table to help make what we are doing even better.” Karen Hartley, IT Project Manager at CampusParc at The Ohio State University

Since going live, our team’s attention to detail and commitment to improvement have remained unwavering. Karen commended our dedication to scrutinizing every call during the initial stages and striving for continuous enhancement. “It’s really a sign of commitment to what you guys are delivering, and that has continued,” she said.

The transparency between Ohio State and Parker has been a cornerstone of our partnership. During testing, everything was shared, ensuring a thorough understanding of our system. Open communication and an open-book approach have been integral to our collaboration.

Moving Forward

Karen’s final words echo the sentiment shared by many successful partnerships. “The partnership, the open book, all of that makes Parker feel like an extension of our team.

In a world where parking management can seem mundane, the partnership between CampusParc at The Ohio State University and Parker Technology shines as a testament to the transformative power of commitment, transparency, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Ohio State’s parking experience has been elevated, and the journey continues, driven by a shared vision of improvement and seamless service.

To learn more about CampusParc at The Ohio State University’s parking journey and other inspiring stories, tune in to our new podcast, “Harder Than It Looks,” or read our case studies where parking industry leaders share their experiences, challenges, and victories.

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