Detect Any Vehicle with the Parquery Smart Parking Solution

Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks, Trains, Boats, Bikes, Tractors, Construction Machinery - You Name It, We Detect It

Parquery Any Vehicle - Also Gardeners' Trucks and Earth Moving Equipment

Parquery’s smart parking solution is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that analyze camera images to detect vehicles and determine whether a parking spot is occupied. Being a learning system, it can adapt to any parking situation and object. 

Parquery’s algorithms can be trained on any vehicle - as diverse as motorcycles, trains, earth-moving machinery, or boats - while being robust to visual clutter or other objects not relevant for detection. Neither open doors and trunk lids of vehicles being loaded or unloaded, nor shopping carts, pedestrians, or bicycles in the foreground interfere with recognition. Parquery’s AI can reliably distinguish oil stains on the asphalt, patched-up road surfaces, or litter from a parked vehicle. 

Vehicles as Diverse as Their Drivers and Habits

Paquery’s solution goes beyond typical passenger cars. Commercial vehicles of professional workers and tradespeople pose an interesting challenge to any detection algorithm. They come in widely varying sizes, shapes, and appearances: from typical passenger cars to delivery vans, pickups, flatbed trucks, box, and curtain-side trucks, both with and without an assortment of trailers, with and without additional superstructures such as roof racks. 

Detects Even Shapeshifters

Moreover, a vehicle's appearance can drastically change depending on its cargo: open freight platforms of trucks, pickups, or trailers may be empty or covered with materials and equipment. A gardener's truck, for example, might look like a treetop when loaded with shrubs. A trailer laden with shopping carts is still a vehicle and should be recognized as such, contrary to shopping carts in an empty bay. The cargo - and with it, the vehicle’s look - might even change while the vehicle is parked.

Parquery’s intelligent algorithms learn by example and experience and, thus, can be trained to detect and recognize any object - even shapeshifters. Beyond solving smart parking problems, Parquery also works on people counting (footfall data), traffic monitoring, and warehousing solutions

Have you got an interesting project? Our skilled engineers are excited about a new challenge! 

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