Parquery, Anthrazit, And Frauenfeld: A Smart Parking Trio Shines On Swiss TV

The town of Frauenfeld improves urban living by redefining parking guidance with Parquery’s AI and a mobile app.

Parquery's smart parking solution utilizes a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and strategically placed cameras to provide drivers with real-time information

In a recent episode of the popular Swiss television program “Schweiz Aktuell”, leading provider of smart parking solutions Parquery was featured with its project in the municipality of Frauenfeld. The report showcased the collaborative effort of Parquery, the town and Swiss software developer Anthrazit to transform parking experiences in Frauenfeld using cutting-edge technology.

Harnessing AI and Cameras and Data Integration for Real-Time Parking Guidance

Parquery's smart parking solution utilizes a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and strategically placed camerasto provide drivers with real-time information about available parking spaces across five key parking areas in Frauenfeld. This real-time data is then transmitted to the municipality's app, developed by Anthrazit, providing drivers with a seamless and intuitive parking guidance system at their fingertips.

Real-Time Updates and Informed Decisions: A User-Friendly App

The app not only directs drivers to the nearest available parking spots but also provides real-time updates on parking availability, and past occupancy, allowing drivers to make informed decisions about their parking choices.The integration brings together intelligent parking data and user-friendly interfaces, demonstrating the potential of technology to transform the way we park.

Data protection and privacy

Cameras in public space require careful data protection and personal rights. Parquery’s solution does rely on presence only, without needing to identify a car. Thus, Parquery implements data and privacy protectionthrough a combination of technical and organizational measures that ensure that no personal data is collected, stored, or used.

These measures include

  • High camera mounts to prevent face and license plate identification (birds-eye view).
  • Low resolution images to further deter identification.
  • Privacy masks to hide areas irrelevant to parking status.
  • Still snapshots instead of continuous video.
  • Image data is deleted promptly, storing only non-personal numerical data

A Positive Reception: Proof of Concept

The positive reception from Frauenfeld’s citizens highlights the impact of Parquery's solution in addressing parking challenges and enhancing urban mobility.Citizens commended the ease of use and effectiveness of the app in helping them locate available parking spots more efficiently.

The partnership between Parquery, Anthrazit, and Frauenfeld sets a remarkable example for other municipalities seeking to address parking challenges, shape and enhance urban mobility and life.

Watch the TV report on our youtube channel with English Subtitles.

Key Features of the Smart Parking Solution

  • Real-time parking data: Provides drivers with real-time information about available parking spaces across the city.
  • User-friendly app: The app is intuitive and easy to use, making it accessible to both residents and visitors.
  • Improve urban mobility: Reduces parking search time and frustration, leading to smoother traffic flow and improved overall mobility.
  • Data-driven insights: Provides valuable data to municipalities for optimizing parking strategies and improving urban planning.

Collaboration for a Better Future: Paving the Way for Innovation

Parquery's smart parking solution, coupled with Anthrazit's app development expertise and Frauenfeld's forward-thinking approach, demonstrates the power of collaboration in addressing urban challenges and shaping the future of mobility.

The collaboration sets an exemplary precedent for other municipalities seeking to address parking challenges and improve urban life.

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About Parquery AG Parquery

Parquery AG is a leading Swiss technology provider in Computer Vision and Deep Learning with more than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide. Our AI-powered software solutions detect vehicles, people, and objects in footage from any camera.

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