The City of Ivrea Picks Parquery’s Smart Parking Solution to Reduce Traffic Pains

The City of Ivrea Picks Parquery’s Smart Parking Solution to Reduce Traffic Pains

Ivrea is a classical small italian town with more than 20’000 inhabitants, filled with 25 centuries of history at the doors of Turin.

You can find plenty of gorgeous touristic sites to visit, but the first sight that will be in front of your eyes when arriving in Ivrea is the problem that has been affecting the city for years: Traffic.

One particular highly congested point is the Hospital road, which can cause a lot of pain to the citizens. This was the reason why Ivrea Parcheggi SPA, a company owned for 85% by the city of Ivrea and for 15% by Automobile Club Ivrea, managing parking services, started looking for a solution.

People were coming in, trying to park as near as possible to the entrance to the hospital, which is quite understandable as a lot of them has physical discomfort - says Carmine Larosa, Ivrea Parcheggi’s Operation Manager - But more often than not, they would not find an available parking spot, and would be forced to go back through a single narrow street. This phenomenon was causing a lot of traffic pain and a lot of wasted time when accessing health services.”

The particular topography of the area did not allow for a significant enlargement of the parking lot, so the designed solution involved displaying the available spots at the hospital parking and the the corso Garibaldi Parking lot.

With this new solution, drivers can see if they can park near the hospital, otherwise they can directly go the nearest parking area, without causing traffic congestion.

This is such a good example of parking management solving traffic problems - says Altin Arapi, Sales Manager of Parquery AG - We were very pleased to cooperate with Ivrea Parcheggi in providing a solution that can have a real impact in the quality of life of Ivrea’s citizens.”

High performing, low cost Axis cameras were mounted in the two different areas. Cameras constantly send out pictures to a cloud server. Parquery’s software then analyses all parking spots detects if each single parking spot is occupied or not, and also provides the exact duration of each vehicle parked.

Parquery’s solution was not only easy to deploy, but also combined a high accuracy with a low deployment cost. This allowed us to provide new services to drivers and to get better management tools as well” - concludes Carmine Larosa.

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