Parquery: Parking Guidance for Fashion Lovers in the Exclusive Mall San Marino Outlet Experience

San Marino Outlet Experience

A convenient shopping experience has become a critical differentiator in customer decisions. Recognizing that parking is a customer’s first point of contact and greatly influences shopping behavior, San Marino Outlet’s management adopted Parquery’s camera-based smart parking solution to ensure a smooth parking experience that matches and increases the outlet’s appeal.

The Challenge: Provide Highly Convenient and Smooth Driver Guidance in Line With Customer Expectations of a Luxury Shopping Mall

San Marino Outlet Experience caters to high-income tourists, is dedicated to luxury brands, and offers an outstanding shopping experience. It is located in the Republic of San Marino. Indoor parking lots on three levels provide covered parking for nearly 1200 vehicles.

San Marino Castle

The Solution: 77 Fisheye Cameras for 1163 Spots, 23 Digital Guidance Panels, an Interactive Management Tool, and Parquery’s AI to Power it All

Parquery's Dashboard on a mobile phone

Dahua fisheye cameras placed overhead act as optical sensors for up to 15-20 spots each despite the low ceiling height of 2.5 meters. Additionally, Parquery could use several surveillance cameras to monitor some spots in corner areas, providing added value to the existing security infrastructure. Thus, nearly 1200 parking spots can be covered with only 77 cameras.

Compared to typical per-spot indoor sensors, Parquery’s solution allows significant savings in total cost of ownership while guaranteeing over 99% accuracy. Fewer sensors overall mean less hardware to buy and maintain, easy setup and fast deployment, and a low visual impact.

San Marino Outlet Experience Parking guidance by Parquery

Parquery’s highly-adaptive learning algorithms analyze the camera images, and extract parking occupancy, duration, and turnover. The availability information is provided to 23 digital guidance panels placed at key locations. They help drivers navigate turn-by-turn to a convenient parking spot near their destination quickly and easily.

Find out more about the camera-based indoor parking project on our website, read about the customer’s experience, the integrator’s opinion, and the benefits of adopting Parquery’s solution. 

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