Parquery Provides Crown Security with Intelligent Smart Car Park Management System

Smart Car Park Management System

Smart parking can transform the way parking spaces are managed by turning real-time parking occupancy images into meaningful trends.

Introducing Crown Security’s smart car park management system, brought to you through Australia-exclusive partnership with Parquery.

Say goodbye to the costly installations of parking guidance lights and magnets traditionally used for parking lot availability management.

With Parquery, our Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered solution, facility managers can access real-time updates on parking availability, including per-floor availability in multi-storey car parks. The system is intelligently designed to notify authorities when a vehicle exceeds the allowed parking duration. Additionally, clients can benefit from wall-mounted screens that guide incoming vehicles to the nearest available parking spaces.

What sets our system apart is its seamless integration. There’s no need for specific camera installations or complex cabling. Our cloud-based solution revolutionizes parking management by transforming any existing internet-connected car park CCTV camera into a smart parking guidance camera.

Contact us today for a quote and experience the efficiency and convenience of our smart car park management system.

aerliar image of parked carsWhy Smart Parking Management?

Smart parking can transform the way parking spaces are managed by turning real-time parking occupancy images into meaningful trends.
It can help parking managers answer questions such as:

  • Where are the most popular parking areas?
  • Does the capacity of the parking lot meet the demand for spaces?
  • When is parking in high/low demand?
  • How long are vehicles usually parked for?
  • What are the most common arrival and departure times?
  • How does parking lot usage vary throughout the day, month or year?

By gathering parking insights over time, smart parking empowers parking managers to identify parking lot inefficiencies and make informed decisions to boost revenue, reduce costs, and turn parking into a positive experience for customers.

How Our System Works

Our smart car park management system operates through a seamless combination of advanced
technologies and intelligent algorithms. Here’s an overview of how our system works:

image of how Parquery smart parking system works

About Parquery AG Parquery

Parquery AG is a leading Swiss technology provider in Computer Vision and Deep Learning with more than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide. Our AI-powered software solutions detect vehicles, people, and objects in footage from any camera.

Contact us at for more information regarding Smart Parking and AI-solutions beyond parking.

Smart parking, traffic flow, visitor footfall, passenger counting - turn any camera into a smart sensor with Parquery.


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