Parquery: Solving Truck Parking Issues in Austria, Europe

ASFINAG employs Parquery’s interactive dashboard equipped with onboard parking data analytics.

ASFINAG, the public infrastructure construction company in Austria, bears the responsibility of constructing, maintaining, and operating the extensive Austrian motorway and expressway network.

ASFINAG's Innovative Solution for Truck Parking Challenges

To combat the increasing challenges of truck parking, ASFINAG is investigating solutions and has undertaken a pilot project in collaboration with Parquery.

This innovative partnership aims to enhance truck parking at a rest area in southern Austria, catering to the high demand, particularly during night hours and weekends. During these periods, a driving ban for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) is enforced to mitigate noise and air pollution while augmenting road safety. This restriction intensifies the demand for rest areas, emphasizing the necessity of efficiently signaling available parking spaces to drivers.

Empowering Efficiency Through Parquery's Technology

Parquery's cutting-edge technology plugs directly into existing surveillance cameras. No need for dedicated sensors for each single parking spot, costly roadworks and cable runs, specialized hardware, and servers. Parquery's Artificial Intelligence (AI) assesses camera images in the cloud, determining parking spot occupancy. Smart truck parking installation is made simple.

ASFINAG employs Parquery’s interactive dashboard equipped with onboard parking data analytics. This tool facilitates comprehensive utilization analysis, identifying usage patterns, detecting issues, and exploring avenues for enhancement. Real-time insights furnished by Parquery's system streamline truck parking operations, ensuring optimized space utilization, and improving overall road safety.

image of existing surveillance cameras used for parking occupancy detection

image of a graph

A Synergy of Expertise and Innovation

In a collaborative endeavor, ASFINAG and Parquery are harnessing technology to revolutionize truck parking. This partnership melds ASFINAG's expertise in infrastructure with Parquery's data-driven innovation, holding the potential to ease truck parking challenges and elevate the efficiency of trucking operations.

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