Streamlining Parking Management: Parquery and Milestone Integration

Streamlining Parking Management: Parquery and Milestone Integration

In today's fast-paced world, efficient parking management is a necessity for everyone. Cities, towns, businesses, corporations, and organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to manage their parking spaces effectively, the integration of Parquery into Milestone's Video Management System (VMS) emerges as a beacon of transformation. For those already harnessing the power of video management systems for diverse purposes, this collaboration promises a new dimension of efficiency in the realm of parking management.

Unlocking Synergies in Urban Spaces

In urban settings where space is at a premium, the Parquery and Milestone collaboration revolutionizes solutions. For those using Milestone's VMS already, integrating Parquery enhances existing infrastructure for seamless smart parking management.

Real-time and Historical Parking Data

With Parquery's integration into Milestone, users can now access real-time and historical parking data directly within the familiar Milestone Smart Client. This integration simplifies parking management by providing facility managers with a unified solution for both video surveillance and parking monitoring.

Seamless Camera and Parking Management

Facility managers utilizing Milestone's XProtect Smart Client will appreciate the seamless management and configuration of parking cameras through the familiar interface. The integration allows for easy access to occupancy data and parking duration overlaid on camera images in both live and playback modes, enhancing the overall parking monitoring experience.

Multi-purpose Cameras

Parquery's solution goes beyond parking management by allowing cameras to serve dual or multi-purposes. Users can continue using their cameras of any brand and model for surveillance and security while benefiting from Milestone's regular alarms and events, such as motion detection.

Parking Alerts and Business Intelligence

Milestone's alarm system can now alert users to parking violations, triggered by Parquery's integration. Moreover, Parquery offers a comprehensive suite for parking data intelligence and management, including live views, historical data, statistics, analytics, enforcement tools, occupancy forecasting, and pricing management.

User-friendly Configuration Options

Configuring parking cameras for single or multi-purpose use is made easy with Parquery. Customers can either install an additional service in Milestone that automatically pulls images, or use the standard method of configuring cameras to send images directly to Parquery's server. The installation process is quick and flawless, with Parquery's support team ready to guide customers through every step.

Proud Partnership with Milestone

Parquery is proud to be a partner of Milestone, the leading provider of Video Management Systems. The seamless integration of Parquery's smart parking plugin into Milestone's VMS is a testament to the collaborative effort between the two companies. Milestone's responsive support team played a crucial role during the development process, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration.

Parquery and Milestone Integration

A Leap Ahead in Parking Management

The integration of Parquery into Milestone's VMS represents a significant leap forward in the realm of parking management. The combined solution not only simplifies the monitoring and analysis of parking data but also enhances overall security through multi-purpose camera functionality. Businesses can now embrace a more streamlined approach to parking management, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and secure environment.

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