Travelers' Airport Parking Pains is a Thing of the Past with Parquery

How Parquery's State-of-the-Art Technology Transforms the Airport Parking

Airport parking doesn't need to stress travelers. Parquery's camera-based solution addresses key concerns.

Heading to the airport should be an exciting start to a journey, but for many travelers, it comes with a great share of headaches. For passengers rushing to catch flights, the availability, efficiency, and cost of airport parking are sources of anxiety.

Next to concerns about the cost, driving in circles, worrying about finding a parking spot, and stressing about the ticking clock are the main worries of travelers.

The Pain Points

image of an icon Limited Availability: The Hunt for a Spot
Finding an airport parking spot, especially during peak times, can be a major stressor for travelers, often leading to frustrating and time-consuming searches, putting a damper on the trip from the start.

icon of a stopwatchTime Pressure: The Race Against the Clock
Tight schedules, flights to catch, and security checks create the fear of running late due to parking. This can lead to rushed decisions, inconvenient parking choices, and heightened stress in what should be a smooth airport experience.

The Parquery Solution

Imagine, instead, to be directed in real time to the nearest vacant spot with real-time, accurate spot-by-spot availability information thanks to smart cameras and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Why cameras might be the best solution for large-scale airport parking lots:

image of a sustainability icon Live Visibility
Parquery's smart cameras and AI offer real-time, spot-by-spot availability information, guiding travelers to the nearest vacant space, eliminating aimless circling.
image of an icon - available Accuracy and Efficiency
Parquery guarantees 99% accuracy, surpassing other methods. It efficiently utilizes parking spaces, outperforming counting systems and ticket-based methods.
image of an icon - security Security and Integration
Cameras enhance security and can integrate with other technologies, including surveillance and license plate recognition cameras.
image of an icon - positioning Cost-Effective and Scalable
Cameras are cost-effective and scalable, making them practical for large airport parking lots. Existing security cameras can often be repurposed.

image of a man watching an airplane take offAirport parking doesn't need to stress travelers. Parquery's camera-based solution addresses key concerns—availability and efficiency—and enhances the airport parking experience.

Passengers can focus on the excitement of their journey instead of parking hassles.

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About Parquery AG Parquery

Parquery AG is a leading Swiss technology provider in Computer Vision and Deep Learning with more than 80 projects in 30+ countries worldwide. Our AI-powered software solutions detect vehicles, people, and objects in footage from any camera.

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