Portier Share The Many Benefits of Parking Guidance

Improved Customer Experience, Additional Revenue and Environment Benefits - Find Out More In Parking Talks

Jussi Tomperi, Managing Director of Portier

During our latest Parking Talks, Jussi Tomperi, Managing Director of Portier, shared some great examples of how parking guidance can improve the customer experience, drive additional revenue for operators and even help protect the environment.

How Can Parking Guidance Be Used to Create a Positive Customer Journey?

“Parking is never the primary purpose of a journey, people are always coming for something else, and so the parking is a necessity that should obviously be as thoughtless as possible. With Portier solutions, we create an all-inclusive experience where the user can obtain relevant information, for example using our wayfinding tools, whilst they are still at home and planning their journey.

Wayfinding gantry showing parking facilities with available spaces

"Then, when they are approaching their destination they will receive more refined and accurate information via our displays and indicators. And, of course, on the onset of their return journey, they can use the vehicle locator to find their car, if they have forgotten where they have parked it.”

Can You Share Some Examples of Car Parks That Use Parking Guidance Really Well?

“I think there are so many great examples of parking guidance systems, and I find how parking guidance systems can benefit so many different user requirements particularly interesting. For example, Helsinki Airport has about 7000 Portier space specific parking sensors, which create a smoother customer journey for every customer group. It has made it much more effective for those frequent passengers, who are not wasting any time finding a parking space, and at the same time, the airport, of course, increases their revenues, because effective parking guidance means that they are better able to utilize their capacity.

Night photograph of shopping center illuminated with ferris wheel on roof.

“And then we have another great example at T1 Mall in Tallinn, where parking guidance combined with the locate your vehicle capability has really transformed the experience for customers and eliminated much of the peak hour traffic.

“Lastly, we have some nice examples for park and ride applications, where effective guidance actually boosts the use of public transport. Obviously, this helps to protect the environment and overall, if you think about the park and ride application, it is a great way to share parking spaces and put them to more effective use.”

What Does 2019 Hold for Parking Guidance and for Portier?

“This year we will continue to finetune both our Portier Vision camera-based guidance solution and our HOST guidance platform, the only platform that is capable of seamlessly integrating different guidance technologies. We will also be adding some new technologies and functionalities, and from a commercial perspective, we will continue to expand our global presence. Right now, it really looks like it will be a thrilling 2019 and we look forward to seeing what it will bring us.”

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About PortierFLS Finland

Portier offers complete solutions for parking guidance and management. The Core of the Portier parking solutions is dynamic parking guidance systems that offer the convenience of parking for customers as well as effective parking management for the operators. Some examples of the solutions include space-specific guidance systems with ultrasonic or camera-based detection, dynamic displays connected to third-party systems, induction loop counting for open areas, roadside guidance displays and access control solutions for contract parking.


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