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Portier offers complete solutions for parking guidance and management.

The core of the Portier parking solutions is a dynamic parking guidance system that offers convenient parking for customers as well as effective parking management for the operators. Some examples of the solutions include space-specific guidance systems with ultrasonic or camera-based detection, dynamic displays connected to third-party systems, induction loop counting for open areas, roadside guidance displays, and access control solutions for contract parking.

Portier is built on a completely new type of parking management platform, Portier HOST, which is a highly flexible and cost-efficient solution utilizing IoT technology and offering comprehensive parking management beyond guidance.

Portier will help your customers to have a better impression of your services which will lead to increased capacity utilization, customer loyalty, and ultimately increased revenues.

Portier – Making the Right Decisions!

Portier is a brand of FLS Finland.

Portier parking guidance sensor

Company information

Headquarters location Autokatu 6
20380 Turku
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Private entrepreneurs in Finland with a vision to use LEDs for making business visible.

Company Size
40 employees

Recent projects

  • Mall of Tripla with VISION camera-based guidance (2 200 spaces, Helsinki, Finland)

  • Helsinki Airport (>10 000 spaces, Finland) consolidated parking guidance to all facilities with approx. 500 VISION cameras, > 6000 ultrasonic sensors, access control integration, and >100 guidance sign

  • T1 Mall (1100 spaces with VISION camera-based guidance, Tallinn, Estonia)

  • Huvudstagaraget (600 spaces with VISION camera based-guidance, Stockholm, Sweden)

  • ÖBB (10+ park&ride facilities with > 10 000 spaces with ultrasonic single-space detection, Austria)

  • Shopping Mall Sello (2 200 spaces with VISION camera-based and SONIC ultrasonic guidance solutions, Espoo, Finland)

  • APCOA Harkortstrasse (250 spaces with VISION camera-based guidance, Düsseldorf, Germany)

  • Twin Towers (750 spaces with SONIC ultrasonic guidance solution, Tel Aviv, Israel)

  • Park&Ride areas in Helsinki region (>600 spaces with VISION outdoor camera solution, Helsinki, Finland)


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Product information

Portier product family provides intelligent solutions for parking guidance and management. In the simplistic case, system contains a single display that handles the calculation and shows the status of the area. The other extreme can be a city-wide parking guidance solution covering large number of parking areas that are geographically dispersed and may contain a mix of different parking infrastructures and third party systems. With our novel Portier HOST platform, we also offer highly flexible and cost-effective solutions for parking management.

Portier brand promise Making the right decisions! speaks to multiple shareholders around parking. It helps the driving customers from the moment they decide to start their journey and guides them all the way to their destination. On the other hand, Portier also aids operators and facility managers selecting the most suitable parking solution for their business needs. Remember: Even parking can be convenient, pleasant and have a touch of luxury!


FLS Finland Oy - Parking guidance    FLS Finland Oy - Parking guidance

FLS Finland Oy - Parking guidance    FLS Finland Oy - Parking guidance


Portier HOST is a globally unique parking guidance and management platform that is designed to represent the future of parking technology that is moving from traditional barriers and payment terminals towards an increasingly mobile world.

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Vision Camera Solutions


Vision Camera Solutions

Portier VISIONTM offers camera-based guidance solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoor solution consists of camera units that monitor the occupancy of each parking space whereas outdoor solution monitors occupancies of larger open areas.

In the indoor solution, camera units monitor between one to six spaces on one or both
sides of the driving lane and when a space becomes occupied, our proprietary algorithms detect the vehicle and subsequently read the license plate.

 Portier Sonic

Portier Sonic

SonicTM represents the most robust technology within parking guidance – ultrasonic space-specific guidance. Although Sonic was launched in 2021, it relies on our 20+ year experience on ultrasonic guidance solutions that has covered nearly 300 000 parking spaces globally.

Sonic is available as two different versions: one that is installed on top of the parking space, and another which is installed at an angle in front of the parking space. Latter installation method has the benefit that sensor’s LED indicators are more visible for the drivers. Sonic’s
angled version is also quicker and more cost-effective to install than sensors equipped with a separate external LED indicator since such solutions require additional cabling between the sensor and the external light.

Each sensor has RGB LEDs which enables easy separation of space categories (normal, EV, ADA, family, etc) using different LED colours. Sensor itself is also available with different colours so Sonic solution can either be blended with the facility’s colour scheme or it can really stand out for maximum visibility.

Portier Counters

Portier Counters

Despite the developments on the space-specific guidance technologies, such as camera or ultrasonic detection, there are still certain cases where simple counting solution can be the most value adding solution. For such needs, Portier offers ultrasonic and induction
loop counters.

Ultrasonic counters are suitable for covered areas and can effectively replace induction loops – main benefit of the ultrasonic counter compared to an induction loop is that installation
doesn’t require cutting loops into structures which might be problematic in some locations.
Furthermore, cut loops tend to break over time as the traffic erodes the surface. Ultrasonic
counter is able to detect the driving direction of the vehicle and has an equal accuracy compared to induction loops.

Induction loops are extremely robust and cost-effective solution for counting in open
areas. Loops provide good accuracy if direction sensing pair of loops are used and if
the entry and exit points are properly designed.

Like other Portier technologies, counters are integrated into Portier HOST platform which means that a single installation can have a mix of counters as well as more advanced technologies depending on the user need. At the same time, HOST offers easy tools for manual or automatic calibration of counts.

Portier Guidance Displays

Portier Guidance Displays

Visible and easily understandable guidance displays are an essential component of a well-functioning parking guidance solution. Portier provides a diverse range of displays for both indoor and outdoor use. We have developed our display technology for more than 20 years
and our installed base stretches from Northern European cold climate to Middle Eastern and Australian extremely warm temperatures.

 Portier Wayfinder

Portier Wayfinder

Innovations in urban mobility offers increasing number of transport options such as shared car services, connected journeys combining different transportation modes or short-term rentals. At the same time, vehicle technology is moving towards electric vehicles which means more demand for EV charging stations and thus real-time availability information of charging stations is more important. Even if the mobility is changing, convenient and effective parking will continue to be an important piece of the mobility puzzle as above trends will just increase the demand for accurate and timely parking information.

Traditionally parking guidance has focused on effective on-site guidance but as mobility becomes more diverse, guidance should also extend beyond on-site premises. Portier WayfinderTM provides accurate and real-time parking availability in easily understandable format.

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