projekt w Fall Protection at Parking Garage 507 University Hospital of Heidelberg

projekt w Fall Protection

Recently, project w worked with their client Property and Construction Office Mannheim and Heidelberg to implement safety features at the car park at the University hospital of Heidelberg.

With a gross floor area of approximately 11,100m² and a gross volume of approximately 31,100m³, the total
Protection Fenceconstruction costs fell at €6.5 million.

INTEGRA parking fall protection in combination with INTEGRA extra glare protection were utilized for car park 507 Im Neuenheimer Feld, opposite the Medical University Hospital Heidelberg.

The parking garage has 544 parking spaces and was planned with 6 ramp levels to create an open, large car park. The parking levels consist of a continuous ramp-shaped band that overcomes the storey heights with an inclination of <6% and is also barrier-free. The opposing ramps "orbit", so whilst lying in the ground there is a longitudinal supply passage that does not interfere with the building materials. Due to the good visibility, orientation in the parking garage is easy.

Protection FenceThe building fits into the urban planning context and matches the already existing parking garages in the design of the façade. There are sustainable and durable materials installed. The open design could be implemented with the help of the INTEGRA 943 car crash protection system, thus enabling a façade mix of steel and wood elements. In this parking garage, an additional glare protection made of smooth sheet metal, height 670 mm was mounted.

About projekt w 

projekt w

projekt w was founded in 1984 and is located in central Germany and specializes in safety barriers and urban system housings. We have set ourselves the task of integrating our products harmoniously into new and existing urban housing and parking structures. The INTEGRA product portfolio replaces conventional systems such as concrete parapets or guardrails and meets applicable European and US standards.


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