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Well-known specialist and market leader in the steel sector

The two main business areas for projekt w are safety barriers for car parks and urban systems including roof systems, refuse collection points and pergolas

Shareholder-managed company with a family feel

We value close links to customers and employees and continuously strive to establish long-term relationships. We see it as our social responsibility to help young people begin their working lives and are a training company with an average of 3 trainees per year.

Projekt w sees itself as a construction service provider

From advising the decision maker and preparing customer-specific solutions to construction design by our specialist engineers and complete assembly, we supply a tailor-made service package from a single source. We are a competent and reliable partner and service provider for architects, investors and general contractors in the construction and housing sector.

The full-service concept

Thanks to our Product construction kit system, we are able to meet individual requirements at low prices with a short construction period. For this, we offer every customer our full-service concept. We supply all components for a turnkey service, from individual advice and construction design to the construction work itself.

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Headquarters location Geseker Straße 36
33154 Salzkotten
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Geseker Strasse 36
33154 Salzkotten
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Dirk-Harald Welschof

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  • Construction
  • Safety Equipment
  • Steel construction

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Montagevideo eines INTEGRA-pw Anprallschutz für Parkhäuser

INTEGRA-pw Messeparkhaus Zoobrücke


INTEGRA-pw projekt-w


Integra-pw safety barrier

Safety barrier for people and car crash protection in one

The INTEGRA-pw system developed and patented by projekt w combines a safety barrier for people and car crash protection in one product. Conventional protections are thus redundant. Thanks to the simultaneous relief of arbour pressure, an additional handrail is not required but is available as an option. If there is a crash, INTEGRA-pw guarantees that the loads will be relieved into the substructure provided by the customer.

The maximum post-free span is 5,506 mm, which guarantees compatibility with all car park manufacturers’ systems in Europe.

INTEGRA-pw offers decisive technical, economic and sustainable advantages over typical systems found on the market. It also meets the legal requirements of the state building codes of the German Federal States, as well as the applicable European standards for collision protection systems in car parks.       

Innovative manufacturing ensures quality

Thanks to innovative production technology, the torsion tendency (distortion) that was common in spans of 5,506 mm is minimised.

The elements are produced in the factory in accordance with our customers’ specifications. This enables adjustment tasks to be avoided on-site and therefore guarantee continuous corrosion protection. In the basic variant, the elements are always hot-dip galvanised in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461, a plastic powder coating also provides various colour options.

Assembly time and costs are saved with just four system screws per element, and our expert personnel carries out the assembly if the customer requires. 

Our Sales staff will be happy to advise you and give you further details.

Our Application examples provide you with an impression of how the INTEGRA-pw safety barrier is used.

Urban systems 

Urban systems - specialists for greenery and roof systems

We have set ourselves the task of integrating our products harmoniously in city housing areas that are close together. To equip them with the quality of life of the green belt and the impression of combining modern architecture with natural products.

We therefore developed a Construction kit system, in which various components can be combined with each other while complying with general applicable standards.

Our work process

We create an individual, detailed factory and approval plan with foundation specifications for our customers.

Our systems are of a very high quality. We only manufacture in Germany using modern technology, and use only materials that have factory certifications. We can therefore meet the highest technical requirements and comply with all applicable standards.

The construction kit

The various elements of the Construction kit system can be extended and replaced without problems. Furthermore, they provide architects and planners with individual configuration options. In the basic variant, the material is always hot-dip galvanised in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461. projekt w also supplies the elements with powder coating in any RAL colour (also in metallic or mica-iron colours).

Therefore, our system combines a wide range of functions and a unique design.

And if you require, projekt w will also supply you with the appropriate proof of stability in the form of structural analyses.

We have set ourselves the task of integrating our products harmoniously in city housing areas that are close together. To equip them with the quality of life of the green belt and the impression of combining modern architecture with natural products.


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