projekt w Reveal Secrets to Construction Success in Latest Parking Talks

Alejandro Uribarri Criado, Sales Engineer at projekt w

During our latest Parking Talks, we heard from experts in turnkey parking solutions, market leaders in safety barriers and liquid waterproofing specialists on the topic of construction. We learned how companies work together to build and renovate parking facilities and what trends we will see in the next few years.

Here, Alejandro Uribarri Criado, Sales Engineer at projekt w, shares his thoughts on how to ensure a successful construction project and tells us how projekt w is adapting to changing requirements in the industry.

Can You Explain a Little More about project w, and How Your INTEGRA Product Fits into the Whole Construction Project?

Wooden multi-storey car park with metal safety barriers

"Projekt w is a manufacturer of a special car safety barrier for multi-storey car parks. Our safety barrier system INTEGRA is designed to prevent cars and people falling from the building. Since the market introduction in 2001, we have equipped more than 1000 parking garages in Europe, with more than 100 of them abroad.

"INTEGRA offers many advantages for builders as well as general contractors and architects. The patented system meets the European standards for car impact loads in car parks and can be used in all common construction methods in Europe. With a column-free span of max. 5506mm as well as only 4 connections (2 per side), INTEGRA is unbeatabally economical, and can be mounted on steel and concrete columns."

What Do You Think Is Essential to a Successful Collaboration?

"For us, it is important to be involved early enough in the construction/project. As a rule, we already work "on the green field" with architects, planners, and builders together. This means that we are involved in the planning at an early stage and can, therefore, eliminate the usual problems in construction. Especially in concrete construction, it is extremely important to configure the connections in good time. INTEGRA is flexible in terms of element widths in steps of 50mm, starting from 406mm and up to 5506mm.

"The biggest challenge is the implementation of a concept without prior, detailed planning. To date, all challenges and projects have been successfully completed without any complaints."

What Trends Do You See In Parking Construction?

Parking spaces in parking lot with fall protection barriers by windows

"I think parking spaces are growing, so the spaces between the columns are growing in the same way, so formally we came from a parking bay from 2.4 meters of width and now it's 2.5 meters and
sometimes 2.6 or 2.7 meters. So the column span is growing and therefore our system has to be changed to get with these new challenges."

What Can We Expect From projekt w in 2019?

"On the one hand, we are currently working on the extension of a column-free span up to 7806mm, which we were already able to use successfully for a first reference object. Proof of the product properties is provided in such cases by means of expert reports in accordance with the General Building Inspectorate Approval for Germany. Currently it is only about the psychological effect since the mat deforms according to the loads, but of course, holds!

"Currently the ETA is requested, but it is like in politics, patience and time are needed here! We currently expect that we will hold European approval in about 18 months.

"Finally, I like to remember our extras that have been rounding off our portfolio for some time. Ingredients include anti-glare variants and various types of handrails."

For more insights from Alejandro, and to see what Ballast Nedam Parking and Triflex think about car park construction and renovation, you can watch the video in full:

About projekt w

projekt w

projekt w was founded in 1984 and is located in central Germany and specializes in safety barriers and urban system housings. We have set ourselves the task of integrating our products harmoniously into new and existing urban housing and parking structures. The INTEGRA product portfolio replaces conventional systems such as concrete parapets or guardrails and meets applicable European and US standards.


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