projekt w Share Their Thoughts on Safety and Security for Parking Talks

projekt w Share Their Thoughts on Safety and Security for Parking Talks

On our most recent Parking Talks video, we discussed the topic of Safety and Security. A high volume of criminal activity occurs in parking lots, ranging from violent crimes to vehicle theft. However, these are not the only issues to consider when discussing Safety and Security. projekt w's INTEGRA safety barrier ensures that no cars, occupants of the car park or pedestrians in the surrounding area are affected by a car or person falling out of a car park. We spoke to Martin Kieroth, who works on the international side of distribution for projekt w. 

Please Introduce Yourself and Tell Us About projekt w

I am Martin from projekt w, we are producers and manufacturers of a special car safety barrier for car parks in the whole of Europe and called INTEGRA. And we meet all the standards in Europe, we protect cars from falling from the car park, and we make it safe for pedestrians and those walking around the car park.

Martin Kieroth, International Distribution at projekt wHow Important Do You Feel Safety and Security Are When It Comes to Parking?

For us it is the most important thing. For the people in the car, the car itself, but also the people / pedestrians walking past a car park. They are never directly involved.

How do you think the consumer expectation of safety and security has evolved over the last few years?

In terms of speed and weight of vehicles, the requirements have increased in our view. They always want more security that nothing happens to them. For example, an accident in Berlin with an SUV. Immediately a topic of conversation arises (about) security.

projekt w's INTEGRA barrier system

What Impact Has This Had on the Way That You Work Now?

Honestly, not at all, as luckily, we recognized the trend years ago and our INTEGRA can absorb the required loads.

Can You Give Us Some Examples of Projects Where Safety and Security Have Been Key?

In any project, no matter in which country, we have the most important feature that no vehicle or pedestrians can fall out of the car park and endanger other occupants or pedestrians although in Europe the same cars drive almost everywhere. Are there still too many norms or perspectives of the countries? (For example) Currently in Belgium, where it is more important to this country, the standard that no cube two by two centimeters can fall out instead of a car. Unfortunately, the practice shows that in spite of applicable standards, care is not taken everywhere. Unfortunately, there are still enough cases where cars fall out of the car park, where either old standards were still valid, or you simply did not put much emphasis of the fall protection in the planning.

Watch the full Parking Topics discussion here:   

About projekt w

projekt w

projekt w was founded in 1984 and is located in central Germany and specializes in safety barriers and urban system housings. We have set ourselves the task of integrating our products harmoniously into new and existing urban housing and parking structures. The INTEGRA product portfolio replaces conventional systems such as concrete parapets or guardrails and meets applicable European and US standards.


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