Q-Park: Process of Securing Cars in St. Antonius Hospital Parking Garage

- Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
St. Antonius Hospital

The past two weeks, we have worked hard to guarantee the accessibility of the hospital for visitors and employees. The St. Antonius Hospital has done a lot of work together with the Municipality of Nieuwegein, for which we sincerely thank you. We realize that it is annoying that parking is currently not possible directly next to the hospital. Q-Park is in consultation with various parties to arrange alternatives for the coming period. Together we will do everything we can to keep the inconvenience as small as possible. The most up-to-date information about parking options can be found in the frequently asked questions on the hospital's website.

The parking garage is still completely closed for investigation by the Dutch Safety Board (OVV). In order to determine the cause, it is important that the OVV can investigate the facts independently and without hindrance. That is why access is only possible under strict supervision of the Municipality of Nieuwegein. This also applies to Q-Park employees. Fortunately, owners whose cars are in the parking garage were able to remove valuables from their cars under supervision last week. This was only possible for cars parked in places that the municipal Building Inspectorate considers not dangerous.

Based on information from the municipality, Q-Park has drawn up a plan on how cars can be safely removed from the garage. The first phase concerns cars parked on the ground floor, in a safe place. This plan must be approved by the municipality. The plan can only be put into effect if the OVV indicates that the parking garage may be entered. If all conditions have been met, Q-Park can remove the cars. A solution will also be found for the cars on the other floors.

We realise that this raises many questions and that everyone wants to know when their car will be removed. We are doing our utmost to get the cars out as quickly as possible. We are bound by strict conditions in this regard. After all, the safety of all people involved in securing the cars must be guaranteed. As soon as more information is available, the owners of the cars will be informed by e-mail.

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